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Captain America Corps #4: Review

Sep 2011
Roger Stern, Philippe Briones

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Assault on Valhalla!

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4 stars

Captain America Corps #4 Review by (November 2, 2011)
Review: See issue #1 for full review.

Comments: The rebels consist of Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Falcon, Punisher, Misty Knight, Wyatt Wingfoot, Tigra, Daredevil, Beast, Electro, Ulysses Bloodstone, Paladin, Henry Peter Gyrich, Jean DeWolff. We learn Wyatt Wingfoot will someday be elected President and Superia was behind the deaths of the male members of the Fantastic Four. Issue includes a nine-page observance of the tenth anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, reprinted from “A Moment of Silence.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America Corps #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In 2410, as he was beginning a public address, Commander A was startled by the appearance of the Contemplator Tath Ki who summoned him to join four other incarnations of Captain America in a mission to save Steve Rogers in an alternate 21st century America ruled by a patriotic elite. As we start this installment, the team of Steve Rogers Cap, Bucky Barnes Cap, and Commander A are just arriving at the secret rebel camp. It takes Steve revealing his identity to gain the trust of rebel leader Nick Fury who knew him from the War. Steve Cap explains to the rebels about the scheme by Deirdre (Superia) Wentworth to remove Steve Rogers from every parallel universe, which is creating a ripple effect altering reality. As if on cue, the ripple kicks in, changing Greer Nelson to Tigra and Matt Murdock to Daredevil before everyone’s eyes. Steve Cap outlines his plan to strike at the Americommand to halt their sinister scheme and its grim consequences. The others sign on to the mission….

Returning to the pocket univserse, the team shows American Dream, USAgent and Tath Ki the new information they have received from the rebels: a schematic of the Americommand HQ in NORAD’s old Valhalla Mountain facility. The map is quite detailed but two areas are blacked out, exciting much curiosity. Hanks Pym, recovered from his experiences in the mental hospital (last issue), volunteers to join the assault.

Soon, the Captain America Corps and the rebels are smuggled into Valhalla in trucks and Commander A hacks the computers to interfere with the security system and communications. The group then splits into three teams: the main team led by USAgent leads the bulk of the fighters into action against the Americops defending the base. The others, the Dream Team and the Tres Amigos, go in search of the mystery areas. The latter team—Bucky Cap, Commander A, and Pym—discover Wentworth’s secret command center—and Tony Stark’s brain, alive in a jar. Stark explains how, Wentworth, as Superia, was killed by the Red Skull (in CAP #441) but managed to project her mind back many years into her younger self. She grew up, joined AIM and was able to recreate her time-probe. With it she powered up, created the heroic identity of Broad-Stripe, and took over the Avengers, then formed the Americommand. The only info he can give about the other dark area is that she has a tesseract, an unlimited power source. Elsewhere, the main team has defeated Americop-1 and destroyed Ameridroid and move deeper into the facility. What they did not know was that Ameridroid has a human controller, Machinesmith, who contacts Broad-Stripe to warn her about the invasion. The Dream Team—Steve Cap, American Dream, and Tath Ki—has entered the other area and discovered the tesseract—the Cosmic Cube. As he tries to shut it down, Tath Ki is absorbed into the Cube. Broad-Stripe, Bright Star, and Major America appear and demand that Cap and Dream surrender. Meanwhile, inside the Cosmic Cube, Tath Ki floats inside the peaceful world, in the company of a multitude of Captain Americas, in suspended animation. For eternity….


Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Matt Milla
Phil Jimenez (Cover Penciler)
Phil Jimenez (Cover Inker)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Captain America
Captain America

(James "Bucky" Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Matt Murdock)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Peter Parker)
U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent

(John Walker)

Plus: American Dream, Americop, Ameridroid, Anti-Cap, Commander A, Contemplator (Tath Ki), Machinesmith, Superia (Deidre Wentworth).

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