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Captain America Corps #1: Review

Jun 2011
Roger Stern, Philippe Briones

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Missing in Action

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4 stars

Captain America Corps #1 Review by (June 22, 2011)
Comments: Tath Ki, also known as The Contemplator, was introduced as Mister Buda in CAPTAIN AMERICA’S BICENTENNIAL BATTLES and appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #6. American Dream (Shannon Carter) is from Earth-982 and was introduced in A-NEXT #1-4. Commander A (Kiyoshi Morales) was created for this miniseries. The Americops are patterned and named after the bad guy from CAP (Vol.1) #428-430. Ameridroid previously appeared in CAP (Vol. 1) #318-320. No explanation as to why Bucky Cap seems to be playing Richard III on the cover.

Review: A fun miniseries: once upon a time (in CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #6) there was a tale combining the first four incarnations of Cap in and adventure to save the universe. It was clearly inspired by the classic DOCTOR WHO story “The Three Doctors” which did pretty much the same thing. The chief drawback to the Cap tale was that the four heroes looked exactly alike (a problem no one ever encountered with WHO) leading to confusion. So they devised this little gem of a tale: again a cosmic threat, again several incarnations of Captain America pulled from their timelines to deal with it, but this time the Caps are quite different. There’s Steve (the scaled one), Bucky (the shiny one, USAgent (the red, white, and black one), American Dream (the girl-shaped one), and Commander A (the one you’ve never seen before). Guest stars galore (Jean DeWolff? Really?) and several highlights: my favorite is the prison escape in issue 2 wherein the five Caps all rescue themselves and meet up in the corridor, surprised to see each other. If there is any drawback it’s that the ending comes a bit too easily, with a simple solution (Cap sacrifices himself harmlessly) in a miasma of skye-fi gobbledygook. But that’s just a minor speed bump. The real revelation is that Marvel writers can still construct a story which fills five issues of comics with five issues worth of plot. Terrific!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America Corps #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Many years ago in the Arctic Circle: a band of Eskimos discover a man frozen in a black of ice. Believing it to be a sign from the gods, they work to remove the ice block from the ground when it suddenly vanishes in a flash of light. Tath Ki, the Contemplator, has seen this from a nearby hill, and despairs that Captain America has been kidnapped again….

Tath Ki visits the Watcher at his base on the moon and tells him that Steve Rogers’ body is being removed from a multitude of timelines and that the rate is increasing. The Watcher is unconcerned though Tath Ki presses on him the urgency of the possible multiversal catastrophe. As he pleads for help in solving the mystery, the Watcher himself is erased from the reality….

Camp Lehigh, April 1941: Steve Rogers, the newly created Captain America is preparing for his first mission when he vanishes in a bright flash of light….

New York City, the present day: As news reports reveal that Captain America is James "Bucky" Barnes, suspected of being the former Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier, Bucky Cap is battling Neo-Nazis (see CAPTAIN AMERICA (2009) #611). Trying to suppress his worry about the future, he sees Tath Ki appear before him requesting his aid for an urgent mission. He pursues the ghostly mystic out of his reality…

…and into another where gravity is entirely relative and several other heroes are entering from other portals to other dimensions. Bucky is introduced to his counterparts: Steve Rogers, the original Captain America (who has not yet met Bucky in his timeline); John Walker, once Captain America and now the U.S. Agent; Shannon Carter, American Dream from the next generation; and Kiyogi Morales, Commander A from the 25 century. Tath Ki explains the urgency of the matter: parties unknown are removing the original Cap from a critical moment in time and he needs their help in tracking down those responsible to avoid unleashing a catastrophic entropy wave. The hard-headed Walker considers this all nonsense and the others are somewhat skeptical since their timelines showed nothing happened to Steve Rogers. To allay their doubts, Tath Ki sends them all into an alternate world…

…which is a fascist dictatorship with a red-white-and-blue patriotic veneer. The five transported heroes are confronted by armored police. The Americops try to arrest them for wearing masks in public without authorization but the heroes fight back and flee the reinforcements that follow. One of the stormtroopers pursues by jet pack but American Dream takes him down with her discs. The groups seeks refuge in an alley but a giant shield crashes into the ground, blocking their way. They look up to see a twelve-foot-tall simulacrum of Captain America—the Ameridroid—who orders them to surrender or face lethal force….

Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Matt Milla
Phil Jimenez (Cover Penciler)
Phil Jimenez (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Captain America
Captain America

(James "Bucky" Barnes)
U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent

(John Walker)


Plus: American Dream, Ameridroid, Commander A, Contemplator (Tath Ki), General Chester Phillips.

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