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Captain America and Bucky #628: Review

Mar 2012
James Asmus, Francesco Francavilla

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3 stars

Captain America and Bucky #628 Review by (March 30, 2012)
Review: And with a wave of the wand—Hey, presto!—characterization magically appears where there was none before! The climax of the four-issue android version of Cap’s clone saga reaches its climax with a lot of fireworks courtesy of Francavilla’s dark, intense art. But the strange aspect is that Fred Davis, largely an unappreciated sidekick, is shown to have been smarting under the lack of appreciation for several decades. A nice touch but it could have been foreshadowed more. The art was still better than the story, though.

Comments: Last issue of series; title changes to CAPTAIN AMERICA AND HAWKEYE with the next issue. Marvel Science Tip #27: Any computer programming problems can be fixed by application of deadly amounts of electricity. No explanation is given as to how Cap survived Adam’s murderous bear hug from last issue; Super-Soldier abilities, I suppose. Issue includes an eight-page preview of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Round 1.


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Captain America and Bucky #628 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Fred Davis’ mind goes back to an incident in 1949, when he had been forced to retire as Bucky after a bullet wound. He overheard two servicemen in a bar talking about Baron Zemo and drunkenly told them that he had been the second Bucky and had fought Zemo. The servicemen are insulted that anyone would claim there was more than one Captain America, and when Fred tries to pick a fight, he falls down and can’t get up. That was when the realization sank in that he would never receive any recognition for the one thing in his life he was proudest of….

In the present at the Hoboken scinence lab, the now-elderly Fred confronts the Human Torch, out of his mind from trying to fight Adam III’s reprogramming. The maddened hero tries to seize Fred who ducks, sending the Torch into an electrical transformer. The severe shock burns out the virus in his brain and he tells Fred that Adam is alive….

At Fort Stone, Adam III, in the form of Captain America, meets with General Matheson and they lay the groundwork for replacing the human race with androids….

Fred and the Torch arrive at Fort Stone, where they learn from the sentries that Cap is already there and he has brought a truckload of cargo. Torch and Fred enter the truck and find the unconscious form of the real Captain America….

Inside the Fort, Matheson gives Adam a tour of the war machines that will be the key in the coming battle, and Steve Rogers’ biometrics will provide the military clearance for activating them. But suddenly Cap arrives on the scene, and Adam activates the deadly machines. Cap and the Torch take on the devices while Fred follows the fleeing Matheson. Cornering him in a small room, Fred tricks the General into revealing his traitorous plans in the hearing of two concealed MPs. In the midst of the chaos next door, Cap confronts Adam who is about to launch missiles to destroy the human world; Cap calls on the remnant of the brain of Will Naslund to fight back—and it does, interfering with Adam’s attempt to hack into the defense system and causing the android to have a gruesome nervous breakdown and collapse. Fred confesses that he feels better than he has in a long time….

Days later, Cap and the Torch bring Fred to the VA hospital he occupied for a time. Cap shows Fred a statue of Captain America and Bucky, honoring William Naslund and Fred Davis, Jr. for their selfless service to the United States.

Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Penciler)
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Inker)
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Colorist)
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Captain America
Captain America

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Human Torch
Human Torch

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Plus: Adam-III, Bucky (Fred Davis).

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