Captain America and The Invaders: Bahamas Triangle #1: Review

Jul 2019
Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway

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Bahamas Triangle

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4 stars

Captain America and The Invaders: Bahamas Triangle #1 Review by (January 7, 2020)

Review: Pretty nice “pre-Invaders” tale from Roy Thomas who still has the magic touch, turning out a cool adventure with an offbeat historical connection viz. the questionable loyalty of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor during the war. And bringing in a pre-glue Baron Zemo was an inspired choice. The action scenes were well-done and the interplay between the two fledgling heroes was on target. Confession: I’ve never been a fan of Jerry Ordway’s art. I don’t know why, must be something irrational. However, his portrayal of Baron Zemo I found downright scary, resembling Howard Stark with an insane glint in his eyes and a sneer on his lips. And including J. Jonah Jameson was a bit of a surprise—so how old is he? It seems he’s older than Captain America even without being trapped in ice for decades. Nice little touch to give a shout-out to Jack Kirby, even if it did take me an unconscionably long time to figure out who he was supposed to be.

Comments: One of a series of new stories reuniting favorite creative teams to celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary. At one point an unseen figure picks up Cap’s shield after he has dropped it, wishing the hero well before he gets back to the drawing board: likely Cap’s co-creator Jack Kirby. Collected in LEGENDS OF MARVEL: AVENGERS in 2020.


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Captain America and The Invaders: Bahamas Triangle #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On only his second mission, the newly created Captain America breaks up a gang of American Bundists, delivering them to the FBI and getting his photo taken by Daily Bugle photographer J. Jonah Jameson. After the excitement is over, Cap is put in a car and hurried to his next mission: accompanying President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a fishing trip to the Bahamas. Cap will be undercover as an ordinary seaman; FDR will actually be meeting secretly with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor: he’s the Governor of the Bahamas and a known Hitler sympathizer. The President wants to ensure they will be loyal to Britain and the US. Cap is also told that there will be two other special agents on the job—though we see that Betty Dean is having trouble getting a hold of the one she knows….

Aboard ship, “seaman” Steve Rogers gets seasick and meets “seaman” Jim Hammond, each unaware the other is a special agent for the government….

In Nassau, the President and his party arrive at the Governor’s residence and the Windsors exchange pleasantries with Roosevelt—and then they find themselves prisoners of a party of Nazis led by Baron Zemo, who is planning to kidnap the Windsors and take them to Germany where the Duke of Windsor can wait to become Hitler’s puppet ruler of Britain when the Nazis win the war. Zemo resolves to take Roosevelt and his party prisoners too. Meanwhile outside, Nazis are killing the Navy guards protecting the house—until they come to both Captain America and the Human Torch. As the Torch flies around the house, taking out the Nazi soldiers, Cap heads inside to stop Zemo from killing FDR. Rain prevents the Torch from catching up to the fleeing Germans who return to their U-boat and leave without Zemo and the Windsors. By now, Zemo has fashioned a death ray to fight Cap but the hero manages to dodge until he can punch his foe’s face. The ray goes wild wrecking the house they are in but Zemo escapes with the help of some sleeper agents, vowing to kill Captain America. Cap pulls himself from the wreckage, knowing it is his destiny to stop Baron Zemo….

The departing U-boat is found and sunk by Namor, the Sub-Mariner, while back on land, FDR leaves the Windsors with a vague warning to remain loyal to Britain. As the party heads for their ship, the two missing sailors, Jim Hammond and Steve Rogers, show up, each with an excuse for being late. Jim and Steve quietly hint that they know each other’s secret, hoping to meet again one day….

Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
Jay David Ramos
Jerry Ordway (Cover Penciler)
Jerry Ordway (Cover Inker)
Frank D'Armata (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)
J. Jonah Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson

(JJ Jameson)

Plus: Betty Dean, Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Warfield Simpson), Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII), President Franklin D. Roosevelt (President Roosevelt).

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