Captain America: America's Avenger #1: Review

Jun 2011
?, Gus Vasquez

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Captain America: America's Avenger

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4 stars

Captain America: America's Avenger #1 Review by (May 30, 2012)
Comments: Many writers contributed to this, and art is taken from the comics, with Gus Vasquez providing the primary “official” portraits. Gabe Jones receives the longest entry. Peeper is mistakenly named as “Peepers” in the title to his entry. The Tzin are the alien race from CAPTAIN AMERICA GOES TO WAR AGAINST DRUGS, putting them among the unlikeliest candidates for an entry.


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Captain America: America's Avenger #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Supplement to the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, highlighting characters from the Captain America series, with updates for the main characters.

The profiles are, in order, Ameridroid, Black Talon, Captain America (Barnes) Update, Captain America (2099), Captain Kerosene, Peggy Carter, Cowled Commander, Fred Davis, Dead Ringer, Electro (the Cap villain from 1954, not the Spider-Man foe), Abraham Erskine, Max Fury, Golden Girl, Hellinger, Hydra Update, Jakar, Gabe Jones, Priscilla Lyons, Dr. Karl Malus, MODAM, Mother Night, Nefarius, Night Flyer, Night People, Nuklo, Oddball, Operation: Rebirth, Peeper, Porcupine, Primax, Professor Power, Red Guardian, Red Skull Update, Steve Rogers Update, Bernie Rosenthal, Sidewinder, Snapdragon, Super Soldiers, TESS-One, Tzin, Vamp, Vormund, and Warrior Woman. Briefer entries go to Adonis, Agron, Bantam, Cache, Captain America (Simons), Captain America (Earth-1298), Captain from Texas, Jacques Dernier, Haokah, Lance Hunter, Heinz Kruger, Modebl, Jim Morita, Chester Phillips, Ram, and Sensational Hydra.

The updates bring the character stories up to mid-2011 but not to the point of FEAR ITSELF. Thus, the last they mention for Bucky Cap is the "Gulag" storyline in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2009) #616-619; Steve has not yet resumed the mantle and Peggy Carter, whose death is reported in CAP (2011) #1 is still alive.

Gus Vasquez
Gus Vasquez
Patrick Scherberger (Cover Penciler)
Patrick Scherberger (Cover Inker)
Leonardo Olea (Cover Colorist)

Editor: Stuart Vandal.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

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