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Captain America: Patriot #2: Review

Sep 2010
Karl Kesel, Mitch Breitweiser

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Part Two: All-Winners

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4 stars

Captain America: Patriot #2 Review by (December 15, 2010)
Comments: Bucky is Fred Davis (introduced in the retcon WHAT IF? #4 as the successor to the deceased original). FBI Agent Betsy Ross has been identified as the “old woman” who guarded the secret entrance to Project: Rebirth in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1, making her one of the earliest Marvel characters. Red Guardian, the Soviet counterpart to Captain America, first appeared in NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER ANNUAL # 1, Night Witch and Iron Comrade appear to have been created for this issue. Klaus Fuchs (1911-1988) was a real person, a physicist and Soviet spy.

Captain America: Patriot #2 Review by (January 18, 2011)
The controversy surrounding Casey's funeral in Sep46 puts a final end to Patriot's original career, whether we use the cover date Jul46 for his last appearance in MMC#74 or the backdated Apr46. It is also said to have finished Miss Patriot, but that still doesn't explain away her 3 years of action without a mention in the original GA Patriot stories. It goes almost without saying that Mary Morgan/Miss Patriot didn't appear in GA Cap stories. Needless to say I doubt whether blue ticket discharge from the Navy for homosexuality, followed by suicide, featured in Casey's life in Patriot stories. Nor in the larger career of Jack Casey, Crime Photographer that I mentioned last issue. ***** The cases involving the All-Winners Squad in this issue have been invented. I also can't find any matches in the right period for the mentioned adventures of CA and Bucky. For instance the nearest I can get to AWS vs Communist (fake?) aliens is CA&Bu vs Nazi fake aliens in CAC#15 Jun42. ***** The use of the Baxter Building as AWS's HQ was prefigured in All Winners 70th Anniversary #1. I like the throwaway line about it being so well-constructed that you could 'lift the whole building up by one corner', something the Thing has done at least once. This appearance is dated Apr48, but the building is usually dated to 1949. However it is still under construction here. ***** This issue ends with the shooting of Bucky. This story actually occurred in CAC#66, which will be the subject of the whole of the next issue of CA:Patriot. Bucky will be out of action after this event, and so it marks a watershed in CA's chronology. The Apr48 date coincides with CAC#66's cover date. MMC#86's CA story features Bucky and so has to happen earlier despite its cover date Jun48. The shooting happens in the 1st CA story in CAC#86, but strangely Bucky still features in the 2nd CA story. So these stories must occur in reverse order.

This issue concerns the first half of Jeff Mace's career as Captain America in Captain America Comics #59(maybe58)-66. It probably also includes his stories in Marvel Mystery Comics #80-86, All Winners Comics #21 and Blonde Phantom #16. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 starts the CAC run with #59, as does the online Marvel Chronology Proect. The online International Catalogue of Superheroes suggests #58. I like #59 because, according to the online Grand ComicBook Database, CA left the army and started a new job with that issue. It also has a brief origin retelling. As we saw last time, Jeff became CA in Jul46 or earlier. CAC#59's cover date Nov46 fits even better with this if backdated 3 months to Aug46, as per the scheme used in the OHOTMU 2007 Update bibliographies for Captain America and Sub-Mariner. ***** The Bucky in these issues is now considered to be Fred Davis, who was also the Bucky for CA II (William Naslund/Spirit of '76). Fred was first seen helping out by impersonating Bucky in Marvel Premiere (Liberty Legion) #30. The job CA took was as a schoolteacher, and Bucky was in his class. The job figured prominantly in many issues of CAC, but CA:Patriot ignores it. Jeff's FBI liason Betsy Ross frequently worked with Captain America(s) since CAC#1. Her name oscillated between Betsy and Betty. She appeared in a lot of the adventures from CAC#61 on. But in CAC#62 she joined CA's school as a teacher, presumably no longer an FBI agent in the Golden Age world.


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Captain America: Patriot #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

September 1946: Miss Patriot, with her super-hearing, overhears a pair of crooks plotting to sell stolen penicillin on the black market. She burst in and captures them, but when one of the hoods asks her where the Patriot is, she is taken aback….

Jeff Mace, the former Patriot, is now Captain America, leader of the All-Winners Squad, engaged in battle with a team of Russian super-powered agents to rescue physicist Klaus Fuchs. The Red Guardian spars verbally with Cap until Bucky intercedes. Whizzer carries Fuchs to safety and the commie heroes escape through a portal opened by the Night Witch. After the battle, Cap learns that the whole attack was a set up: Fuchs was a Soviet spy, passing atomic secrets to his masters, and the Red team was sent to "kidnap" him to safety. Bucky also reveals that the suspicious Red Guardian was trying to trick him into giving away that he was not the original Captain America. Namor point out it should be obvious because Jeff cannot measure up to Steve Rogers in any way as Captain America, expressing a great deal of contempt for the pretender. Jeff, tired of being kept in the dark, thinks he could do a better job if he knew more of his predecessor’s history. In New York he contacts FBI Agent Betsy Ross who fills him in on the Super-Soldier Project and the origin of the first Captain America, expressing confidence that Jeff can do anything he puts his mind to. They are interrupted by the arrival of Miss Patriot (Mary Morgan) who recognized Jeff by his voice when he spoke on the radio as Captain America. She chats lightly with him to learn if he is romantically involved with Miss America, and casually mentions that they would make a great team if there is ever the need for a new Bucky…. Jeff recoils at this suggestion, still rattled by the danger involved, and Mary leaves, upset that her attempts to flirt were misinterpreted as scheming. It is only after she has gone, that the other heroes tell him the real news Mary had: it seems their old pal news photographer Jack Casey has died, a suicide because of his blue ticket discharge from the service (implying he was homosexual). Against the advice of his comrades, Jeff insists on attending Casey’s funeral…but he shows up in his Patriot outfit to give a brief eulogy. The public backlash effectively ends the career of the Patriot and, by extension, that of Miss Patriot. In a ceremony, Jeff has the Human Torch incinerate the Patriot costume. When Namor sneers that his sacrifice changed nothing, Jeff punches him….

In the months that follow, Captain America and Bucky battle various threats to liberty and justice and the All-Winners move into their new quarters in the newly-constructed Baxter Building. At the site, they celebrate Jeff’s birthday, which Mary overhears from her office at the Daily Bugle. That night, Cap and Bucky are on the trail of jewel thieves and when the teammates are separated, Bucky is shot down. As Cap cradles his wounded friend in his arms, he detects the scent of lavender—Miss Patriot’s favored perfume….

Mitch Breitweiser
Mitch Breitweiser
Bettie Breitweiser
Mitch Breitweiser (Cover Penciler)
Mitch Breitweiser (Cover Inker)
Bettie Breitweiser (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)
Red Guardian
Red Guardian

(Alexi Shostakov)

(Thomas Raymond)

Plus: All-Winners Squad, Betsy Ross (FBI Agent), Bucky (Fred Davis), Captain America (Jeff Mace), Mary Morgan, Miss Patriot (Mary Morgan), Whizzer.

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