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Captain America: What Price Glory? #1: Review

May 2003
Bruce Jones, Steve Rude

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What Price Glory?

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3 stars

Captain America: What Price Glory? #1 Review by (July 18, 2011)
Review: A low-key miniseries has Captain America starring in a gangster drama with bits of James Bond thrown in (see the comments for issue 3). The story is well-written and heavy on character though each issue features an action scene or two. The most interesting part is Steve Rude’s art, which is clearly influenced by Jack Kirby but not a slavish imitation. While well done, this miniseries about trust and its abuse doesn’t really offer anything to stick in the memory.

Comments: Steve favors Mr. Pibb soda.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: What Price Glory? #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Steve Rogers is on his way to visit his friends Sal and Kate Letcher on the occasion of Sal’s birthday. Stopping to pick up a cake, he discovers the baker, Jimmy, recovering from a beating at the hands of a couple of thugs; Steve vows to seek justice. Arriving at the Letchers’ brownstone, Steve finds Sal, a disabled Gulf War veteran, in a bitter mood, fearing that he is losing his wife and wishing for revenge against the Army comrade who betrayed him and shot him in the back, costing him his legs. For a birthday present he asks Steve to dance with a pretty girl, just for him. As he is leaving Kate slips him the address of a bar where he could fulfill Sal’s wish.

Steve heads to the bar where he orders a soda and sits watching the news. A report about mob activities causes a surge of anger and he unwittingly breaks the glass in his hand. Lola, a biker chick, rushes to his aid and is surprised he is barely scratched (and wonders if he is The Thing). Tony, her jealous boyfriend, picks a fight with Steve and ends up thrown across the room for his trouble. When Lola offers to "reward" him he asks for a dance, for Sal. As he leaves, he is forced into a limousine and taken to see real estate tycoon Charles Frizini, who asks a favor. Frizini’s holdings in Las Vegas are threatened by a crooked competitor, mobster Anthony Sanquino. Using the alias Nicoli Spano, the gangster romanced and carried off Frizini’s beloved daughter Pasha and now Frizini wants Steve to rescue her. Frizini believes that Spano will leave Vegas to get her back, weaking the mob’s hold in Vegas and allowing the legitimate investors to take control again. Steve doesn’t see this as his line of work and tells his host so. Frizini asks him to at least think about it. Steve heads back to the Letchers’ home where he outlines his dilemma; Kate persuades him to go to Pasha’s rescue. On his way home, Steve again passes the bakery where he discovers Jimmy, beaten even more severely than before. He dons his Captain America outfit and tracks down the thugs responsible, giving them a serious walloping. In one of the thugs’ pockets is a matchbook from a Vegas casino, so the next day, Steve Rogers boards a plane west….

Steve Rude
Mike Royer
Chris Sotomayor
Steve Rude (Cover Penciler)
Steve Rude (Cover Inker)
Steve Rude (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Ben Grimm)

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