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Captain America: What Price Glory? #4: Review

May 2003
Bruce Jones, Steve Rude

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What Price Glory? [Part 4]

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3 stars

Captain America: What Price Glory? #4 Review by (July 18, 2011)
Review: Full review found with issue #1.

Comments: In a departure from Steve Rude’s Kirby-inspired art, the splash page is a homage to Jim Steranko.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: What Price Glory? #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Las Vegas, Nicoli Spano catches Pasha packing to leave him; suddenly they hear the sound of an explosion coming from the Captain America theme park. At the park, Spano’s goons have gotten a surprise: Cap had earlier moved the explosives and it is Spano’s Red Skull statue that is crumbling. The falling debris frees Cap, who traps the hoods in wet cement. He calls Pasha to arrange a meeting but when he arrives he finds Tina Foley, SHIELD undercover agent, disguised as Pasha. Spano arrives accompanied by two men and makes Steve an offer: Spano will give Steve plane tickets to take Pasha anywhere she will be happy as long as Steve does not deny him the opportunity to see her from time to time. The two men with Spano turn out to be FBI agents who take the gangster off to jail.

On the plane, a delighted Pasha is happy to place her future in Steve’s hands, as she trusts him completely. So imagine her shock when Steve delivers her to Charles Frizini in New York; Pasha reveals that Spano is her father, not Frizini and runs from the room in tears. A gloating Frizini reveals that it was all a trick to get Steve to shut down Spano’s Vegas operation; Steve knocks him down and goes after Pasha. He tells her he knew almost from the beginning that Spano was her father but the gangster still needed to be brought to justice and he only brought her to New York to show the legitimate investors that Vegas is safe once more. A bitter Pasha accuses Steve of betraying her trust, using her as a weapon against Spano and she can never trust him again. He tells her to make her own decisions from now on and where to meet him if she changes her mind. Steve then goes to confront Kate Letcher, who orchestrated the whole scheme: Spano was the man who shot her husband, leaving him paraplegic, and this was her revenge on Sal’s behalf. Steve accuses her of lying to him, betraying his trust—which she claims is what he just did to Pasha.

Steve heads over to place he told Pasha to meet him and instead finds Tina Foley. He takes her to the top of the Empire State Building to see the site of the fallen Twin Towers, saying that memories are all they have, and sometimes that is enough.

Steve Rude
Mike Royer
Chris Sotomayor
J. G. Jones (Cover Penciler)
J. G. Jones (Cover Inker)
J. G. Jones (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

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