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Carnage USA #2: Review

Jan 2012
Zeb Wells, Clayton Crain

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Red, White and Die!

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4 stars

Carnage USA #2 Review by (May 15, 2018)

Review: See issue #1 for review.

Comments: The cover shows Carnage impersonating Uncle Sam in a parody of a World War 1 army recruiting poster. The title refers to the colors of the American flag: r ed, white,and blue.” First appearance of the Mercury Team: Marcus Simms and “Lasher,” James Murphy “Agony,” Rico Axelson “Phage,” and Howard Ogden “Riot.”



Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Carnage USA #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Carnage laughs as Spider-Man battles his symbiote-infected teammates. About to be slammed by Evil Thing, he is rescued by a fuel truck and a Molotov Cocktail setting Ben on fire as townspeople carry him off. The Doverton resistance takes Spidey to their base, the former Ralsby family home, complete with a private zoo. Sheriff Eric Morrell is the leader and worried about his wife and children....

At the US Emergency Response Center, General Duggan recruits the symbiote Scorn (Dr Tanis Nieves) on a mission with Mercury Team, four Special Forces men with symbiote enhancements.. They are given until sunrise to complete their mission after which the town will be napalmed out of existence....

Downtown, Cletus Kasady takes great glee in terrorizing Eric's wife Hannah into agreeing to go out and bring back her husband's head—and then she and her two kids are turned into hideous versions of Carnage....

Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain (Cover Penciler)
Clayton Crain (Cover Inker)
Clayton Crain (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

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