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Daredevil #43: Review

Aug 1968
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

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In Combat with Captain America!

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3 stars

Daredevil #43 Review by (February 28, 2011)
Comments: First appearance of Captain America in Daredevil’s magazine.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Daredevil #43 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Matt Murdock works out in his private gym to try to overcome his sadness at the loss of his beloved Karen Page. He recalls how she confessed her love for him, but he, realizing that her life would be constantly in danger, forced himself to drive her away. Now, as he tries to justify his decision in his own mind, he wrecks his exercise equipment, then heads out into the night, hoping to distract himself by adventuring as Daredevil. He passes a stadium where Captain America is putting on an exhibition boxing match for charity but decides he has more important things to do. Daredevil decides to hunt for his current nemesis, the Jester, but hears on a radio that a crook has stolen a doctor’s bag containing deadly radium. His enhanced senses making him a human Geiger counter, Daredevil easily tracks down the thief and recovers the bag. Exposure to the radium, however, warps his personality, turning him angry and violent. He heads back to the stadium where Cap is appearing and bullies his way in. DD launches himself at Cap announcing he will expose the Living Legend of World War Two as an overrated phony. Assuming he must be facing an impostor, Cap fights back with no restraint. The battle between the two heroes spills out into the crowd, then down an elevator shaft and through the glass doors into the street. By this point Cap has realized his opponent is the real DD by his agility and offers to get him help. Then, as suddenly as it came on, the personality change leaves, and the Man without Fear stands wondering how he got there. Sizing up the situation, he flees into the night. Cap, realizing Daredevil must have had a reason for his bizarre actions, tells the press it was all part of the charity show. Meanwhile, Daredevil, wonders what will become of him next….

Gene Colan
Vince Colletta
(Unknown artist)
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Matt Murdock)

Plus: Debbie Harris, Foggy Nelson (Franklin Nelson).

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