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Daredevil #73: Review

Feb 1971
Gerry Conway, ?

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Behold…the Brotherhood!

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2 stars

Daredevil #73 Review by (April 23, 2013)
Review: A science fiction story gives way to a lame fantasy epic which boasts an incoherent plot, questionable philosophy (if good and evil must always be in balance, does that mean the heroes need to lose as often as they win in order to protect the universe?), a group of good guys who seem to have been selected at random (picture the same story with any other four Marvel characters; nothing changes, does it?), and a worthless pile of baddies (so Daredevil wouldn’t feel overmatched?). Plus, we see what may be Gene Colan’s worst art in his Marvel career. I would have given it one star but that’s reserved for the cheesy creator-published comics of the 90s; this comic still looks like it was made by people who know how to write and draw.

Comments: Story continued from IRON MAN #35 and concludes in IRON MAN #36. First appearance of the Brotherhood of Ankh, though presumably they were behind all the previous stories featuring the Zodiac Key. The Brotherhood will return in WEST COAST AVENGERS #28 and AVENGERS (1998) #57-60. Kevin O’Brien’s name is misspelled “O’Brian” in the issue. Zodiac consists of Capricorn, Sagittarius (misspelled Saggitarius), and Aquarius in this story. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America appear in the flashback to AVENGERS #82.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Daredevil #73 Synopsis by T Vernon
Story continued from IRON MAN #35
With Daredevil, Iron Man, Madame Masque, and Kevin O’Brien trapped in Zodiac’s headquarters, a mysterious voice is compelling Nick Fury to take up the Zodiac Key. After DD provides a summary of IRON MAN #35 (which this story continues from) and AVENGERS #82 (for some reason), Fury  is finally able to withstand the pressure no longer and he seizes the Key. As he turns it on everyone in the room, reality rips and the heroes and villains find themselves in a darkened chamber in the presence of the Brotherhood of Ankh. The leader, Lawholder, explains that the Key is the mystic valve which siphons the power of Ankh to the Key’s bearer; the Key is an ancient artifact which was designed to maintain the balance between Order and Chaos. But now the Key’s power is weakening and the Brotherhood has sent it to Earth where the forces of Good and Evil are still strong… An angry Kevin O’Brien protests their capture and is banished back to his home on Earth where he believes his experience has been a dream. The Lawholder then reveals that he has brought the heroes and villains there to battle and thus recharge the Zodiac Key. Though Daredevil balks at participating in such an absurd contest, the group is forced into combat. Daredevil is pitted against Capricorn, Iron Man against Spymaster, Madame Masque against Aquarius, and Nick Fury versus Sagittarius. The Brothers realize that DD is fighting a purely defensive battle, that his heart is not in the combat. So to further serve the Ankh, all the heroes and villains are returned to Earth…. 
Story continued in IRON MAN #36.

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Syd Shores
Marie Severin (Cover Penciler)
Gene Colan (Cover Penciler)
Herb Trimpe (Cover Inker)
Plot: . Letterer: Sam Rosen.
Editor: Stan Lee.


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(Matt Murdock)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Kevin O'Brien, Spymaster (Spymaster 1), Zodiac.

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