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Dark Avengers #2: Review

Apr 2009
Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato Jr.

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4 stars

Dark Avengers #2 Review by (May 9, 2017)
This issue runs in parallel with New Avengers #50, which starts with them watching the Dark Avengers press conference on the news too. We see part of the celebratory lunch there also, but it is followed there by an interruption in the form of Spider-Woman who attempts to lead them into a trap set by the NAv. But Norman Osborn sends his ally Hood and his gang to deal with the NAv instead, as the DAv set off for Latveria.

Of course the Dark Avengers don't call themselves that, and I don't think anyone else does either. Officially they're just the Avengers.

Osborn has possibly delegated chasing Skrulls to SWORD, which despite being an offshoot of SHIELD seems to have been left to run. Abigail Brand hires Spider-Woman to do at least part of the job in her new series.

But NO *will* go after Tony Stark in the current Iron Man series.

Ares and Zeus have not been on good terms during the whole of the Marvel era. And Ares cut himself off from Olympus in his 1st mini-series to live on Earth.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Dark Avengers #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Latveria 37 years ago Morgana Le Fay appears out of the past to kill young Victor von Doom in his sleep. She's angry because the grown-up Dr Doom came back in time to become her lover and learn extra sorcery from her. But then he left and never returned (because he was imprisoned in Mighty Avengers #11). But she now decides this revenge would not be sweet enough. She must kill him after he's betrayed her, and when he's awake, so he knows why he's dying.

In the present Norman Osborn, supported by his right-hand woman Victoria Hand, addresses his troops selected from agents of Hydra, SHIELD and Thunderbolts (not the supercharacters). He tells them Tony Stark's SHIELD is no more. They are now members of its replacement HAMMER, and their job is to keep the peace in the world.

Meanwhile in Latveria where HAMMER agents brought Dr Doom home at the end of last issue they have found the ruins of Castle Doom overrun with monsters under the control of Morgana. The pair exchange sorcerous blasts, and some of the HAMMER guys get caught in the crossfire. Then Morgana sends her minions into the fray. A HAMMER survivor radios for help.

Back to Norman and Victoria. Osborn is in his Iron Patriot armour and they're in Avengers Tower with the Dark Avengers watching their debut press conference (last issue again) on the news and celebrating. Norman lays down the law:- None of them are to talk to the press. (Ares doesn't take orders but agrees because he doesn't want to talk to the press.) And they're not allowed to fight with each other. Anyone who breaks the rules will be imprisoned in Thunderbolts Mountain. He urges them to get to know one another.

Venom/Mac Gargan/Spider-Man wants to know what they're going to do. Osborn and strategist Ares will prepare a list of targets which they will proactively strike. Moonstone/Karla Sofen/Ms Marvel will be field leader, but only when Iron Patriot himself isn't there. But they will all take orders from Hand in the absence of Osborn. Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr/Captain Marvel wants the team to hunt Skrulls leftover from the Secret Invasion, but Osborn wants to leave that to someone else. Bullseye/Hawkeye suggests going after Tony Stark, but Norman wants him left to the courts. NO wants targets that will win public approval - and he doesn't want Stark to get any underdog sympathy. Ms Marvel wants to know who the Wolverine-wannabe is? (It's Logan's son Daken.)

Meanwhile Doom and Morgana are still at it with head-to-head magic force. But finally Morgana breaks through Doom's defence and he is shattered by her blast - and by 1 of her biggest monsters which pounds him into the ground.

And back at the Tower Victoria Hand tells her boss about the SOS which shows Doom in magical battle. It's a surprise to naive proper Avenger Sentry that Doom is out of jail. But Osborn realises the team now have their 1st mission.

Morgana is about to deliver the coup-de-grace with a (magic?) dagger when the Dark Av arrive in a quinjet, but Iron Patriot, Ms Marvel and Sentry flying under their own power. Ares recognises Morgana. And a much bigger monster flies up and grabs the jet in its jaws - bringing it crashing to the ground. Iron Patriot orders Morgana to cease and desist. When she refuses he sends Sentry zooming in to tear her head off.

The rest of the team are impressed, but childlike Sentry needs reassurance that he didn't do something bad. They are also impressed that Morgana beat Dr Doom. Noh-Varr tells them she time-travelled here to kill Doom from the time of King Arthur. Osborn orders a clean-up team and a spare jet.

But then Sentry screams, there's an explosion and he's gone. In his place stands Morgana with her head still on. She seems to claim that she did die, but she's come back from the past to face them again. Ares invokes his father Zeus's authority to demand that she go back, but Morgana points out that he no longer speaks for Zeus. And she casts a spell which takes control of Venom, makes him grow huge and try to eat Ares. And another spell scatters the rest of the team, followed by the monsters.

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.
Rainier Beredo
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Rainier Beredo (Cover Colorist)

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