Darkhawk #6: Review

Aug 1991
Danny Fingeroth, Mike Manley

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3 stars


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Darkhawk #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

An enraged Darkhawk invades the Westchester County estate of Philippe Bazin, seeking revenge for the assassination attempt on his mother (issue #5). He fights his way past the guards and crashes into the house. Seizing Bazin by the throat he vows to kill him—but is interrupted by the villain’s children. Realizing he can’t kill a man, no matter how evil, in front of his family, Darkhawk drops Bazin and leaves. Bazin immediately calls his minions to order Project: Lodestone—to gain control of Darkhawk’s power—be accelerated….

The next day, Chris Powell is concerned for his mother who is distraught and angry over the disappearance of her husband….

In New York Hospital, Charles Little Sky—the dimension-hopping villain known as Portal—lies in a bed with Guardsmen stationed at the door. Captain America is waiting until the prisoner recovers from his injuries to escort him to the Vault, the prison for super-powered criminals. Chris arrives at the hospital seeking an interview with the incapacitated baddie, having recognized some similarity between Portal’s armor and Darkhawk’s (in the previous issue) and hoping for some answers about his alter-ego’s origins. Suddenly the U-Foes invade the building in search of Portal. Chris uses his amulet to become Darkhawk and assaults the new villains who have taken Cap by surprise. Cap’s shield protects him against the assaults of X-Ray while Darkhawk holds his own against Vector. Vapor turns to chlorine gas and tries to poison Darkhawk but the hero’s android body does not need to breathe. Meanwhile outside, Matt Murdock is passing by and detects the commotion with his enhanced hearing. He quickly changes into his Daredevil outfit and swings into the hospital to quickly clobber Ironclad. The U-Foes find the battle going against them so they try to escape, taking hostages. Darkhawk and Cap clout the villains while DD uses his billy club to disperse Vapor who has become another poison gas. The heroes’ combined attacked defeat the villains. Darkhawk pursues the fleeing Portal and corners him, demanding to know where his armor came from; Portal replies that he took it from an enemy he killed—then opens a gateway to another dimension and escapes….

Later that evening, Chris returns home to find a note reading "Beware the curse of the Darkhawk….

Elsewhere, Philippe Bazin learns that Project: Lodestone is nearing completion….

Mike Manley
Bud LaRosa
Joe Rosas
Mike Manley (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Matt Murdock)

Plus: Darkhawk, U-Foes.

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