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Dazzler #7: Review

Sep 1981
Tom DeFalco, Frank Springer

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Fort Apache, the Hulk!

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3 stars

Dazzler #7 Review by (February 15, 2010)
At the beginning of the story, Dazzler knows Bruce Banner is the Hulk but we're never told how; likely something was cut from the previous issue for space considerations. The evening concert now seems to have been in the afternoon, since it is light out when Dazzler leaves (either that or it lasted a reeeealy long time). The Enforcers do not encounter the Hulk; their cameo sets up plotline for a later issue. Danny Fingeroth participated in the script and A. Gil is also an inker in this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Dazzler #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Dazzler pursues the angry Hulk through the campus of Gordon University, using persuasion and force to get Jade Jaws to stop his rampage. Nothing works. The Army arrives to stop the Hulk; he fights them off with no difficulty. The Hulk tears apart the science labs but is halted by the sight of the caged test animals, and frees them. When she sees this, Dazzler realizes her prejudice caused her to misjudge the Hulk, and chooses to help him get away from the soldiers. Dazzler approaches the Hulk gently and respectfully, and with the aid of a soothing light show, causes him to revert to Bruce Banner.

Later Ali sneaks Bruce off campus in the band's van, providing him with money to tide him over. Meanwhile, the mysterious man who has been following Ali through the two issues decides to make contact.

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Frank Springer
Frank McLaughlin


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