Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1: Review

Oct 2014
Gerry Duggan, Scott Kolins

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4 stars

Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1 Review by (November 2, 2020)

Review: Wolverine’s two closest comrades-in-arms (sort of) unite to take care of his final legacy viz. no return. Nice little elegy for Logan with a measure of humor since it a) features Deadpool and b) teams him with the older, crankier Steve Rogers for comic contrast. The strangest bit is the summary of the DEATH OF WOLVERINE event at the beginning: that’s crazier and more off the wall than anything else in the issue. Halfway decent tie-in. 

Comments: Tie-in to the DEATH OF WOLVERINE event (of course). Steve Rogers lost his super-soldier powers and reverted to his natural age in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2012 series) #21. Steve gives his birth year as 1920; other sources list 1919 and 1921. Steve has only just gotten around to seeing STAR WARS but hasn’t yet started on STAR TREK; he’s clueless about HARRY POTTER. Deadpool carries photos of his daughter Ellie and New York Mets player Mookie Wilson in his wallet. When the roof is on fire, Deadpool makes a joke about the Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three hip hop song that Steve doesn’t get.

A button under the chin of a bust of Howard Stark opens the entrance to the Avengers’ aircraft hangar.


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Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Wolverine is dead. Now Steve Rogers has Deadpool going over Logan’s room in Avengers Mansion, collecting anything that might have a trace of Logan’s DNA on it and burning it all. Object: To prevent anyone from bringing him back. They get a call from Black Widow: a dagger with some of Logan’s blood on it has been auctioned off to A.I.M. and they have only 90 minutes to get to the A.I.M. facility in Moscow and recover it. Steve and ‘Pool take a Quinjet and head off….

On the way, ‘Pool asks Steve why they (the good guys) don’t regrow Logan; Steve replies that a) he doesn’t like people who think they can control the natural order and b) they wouldn’t get their friend back but the original feral monster. The two trade tales of their encounters with Wolverine and then arrive. They clout the guard and enter the luxury hotel that is the front for the baddies’ lab. They sneak their way in, seize the dagger from the two scientists examining it and run into trouble on the way out. After a lot of fighting and running the end up surrounded by A.I.M. agents. Steve shouts “Emergency Evac!” and the Quinjet smashes through the roof and carries them off, Steve agreeing to Deadpool’s suggestion that they set fire to the building as they go. On the way back they stop for a last drink to their fallen comrade. At the Mansion, Steve gives ‘Pool the knife to take care of. ‘Pool carries it over to Butler’s Weapon Plus lab and prepares to regrow Logan but recalls that Steve trusted him to do the right thing…but he doesn’t know what that is….

Scott Kolins
Scott Kolins
Veronica Gandini
Ed McGuinness (Cover Penciler)
Ed McGuinness (Cover Inker)
Morry Hollowell (Cover Colorist)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)

Plus: Steve Rogers (Old self).

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