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Defenders, The #44: Review

Feb 1977
Roger Slifer, Keith Giffen

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Rage Of The Rajah!

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3 stars


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Defenders, The #44 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Hulk breaks in the Sanctum Santorum looking for Doctor Strange. Power Man and Nighthawk try calming him down with violence. But it's Valkyrie and her subtle way who persuades Jade Jaws to cool down. The Asgardian girl tells Hulk that Strange should be back soon. But she also senses that the mage is in some kind of peril. Suddenly, Hellcat also shows up looking for Doctor Strange. She claims that human kind needs of him or the Earth might perish! The Red Guardian joins the heroines in their search for Strange. Previously, Hulk and the hero boys went on their own search and found a mystic man with news about Strange. According to him, Doctor Strange tried to control a gem called the Star of Capistan. The stone has the power of controlling people's minds. But Strange failed merging with the gem. As a result, he turned into the Red Rajah! The new spawned villain starts controlling minds from Central Park. It's where the Hulk, Power Man and Nighthawk arrive. But they are easily defeated by Strange and the power of the gem. Special guest: Jack Norris, Rhino, Solarr.

Keith Giffen
Klaus Janson


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

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