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Defenders, The #67: Review

Jan 1979
David Kraft, Ed Hannigan

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We, The Unliving...

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3 stars

Defenders, The #67 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The Vanir are a tribe of gods distinct from the Aesir (Odin, Thor, etc.) though they are closely associated. In the Hyborian Age, a nation of humans called the Nordheimr had a sub-tribe called the Aesir.


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Defenders, The #67 Synopsis by John McDonagh
In the woods of Oregon, the Hulk faces some soldiers. Suddenly, while mid-way leaping in the air, his heart suddenly stops beating. He lands in a ravine. In Valhalla, the warrior Harokin watches as the would-be death god Ollerus (who seeks to replace Hela) moves his magical mountain around. Ollerus, aided by minions Poppo and Casiolena. In a dungeon, he looks in on the Valkyrie, who he had replaced with the imposter Barbara Norris. Elsewhere, while driving with Kyle Richmond, Hellcat goes over a cliff. Thinking they survived the accident, they go to speak to the arriving police. Nobody can hear them, and they see bodies on stretchers. Meanwhile Barbara Norris (posing as Valkyrie) arrives for them to take them to Valhalla. Ollerus continues to observe Earth. He has been engineering the death of mortals to create an army of soldiers. Engineering the death of a blond haired mustached man in "Midgard's largest city" (which is oddly in an English speaking country), Ollerus plots. The Vanir serving as Valkyrie's guards chat as the Valkyrie plans he escape. Breaking through the wall of her cell, she faces the watch dragons of Casiolena. Harokin saves her. Elsewhere, the Hulk and others arrive to join Ollerus' army.

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Hideth #1 comic

Ed Hannigan
Bruce Patterson

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