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Defenders, The #73: Review

Jul 1979
Ed Hannigan, Herb Trimpe

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Of Wizards, Shadows and Kings

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1 stars


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Defenders, The #73 Synopsis by Will Pilgrim
On the other side of a tunnel world, the Defenders, with a captured Lunatik, seek refuge in the city-fortress of the master magician Xhoohx, from an unrelenting evil dubbed by Doc Strange as "The Unnameable". They seek a way to return to Earth and a solution to the dilemma of Arisen Tyrk, god-king of the distant "other realm" whose being has been separated into fragments in the form of the Lunatik himself and that of the Nilffim, a band of vicious air-raiders. The Defenders are attacked on the road by multiple-armed monsters, whom are easily overpowered by a Hulk "Smash". They reach the fortress of Xhoohx, which they discover to be unguarded. As they enter the fantastic sight of an inner-world of alien beauty, they are welcomed by Xhoohx, whom Doc Strange asks to help imprison Arisen Tyrk in the form of their captives Xhoohx agrees and performs a spell which merges the Lunatik and Nilffim into the combined form of Arisen Tyrk, who easily battles through the Defenders. On top of the highest parapet of Xhoohx's city, Tyrk challenges the Unnamed (and reveals that he was once a servant to it, in his various forms as storm monster and lunatic). Hulk, Nighthawk, and Hellcat attempt to stop him, but are ineffective. Finally, Valkyrie fares against him as a worthy opponent, knocking Tyrk into the Mystic Rings of Ragadorr rendering him unconscious. Xhoohx explains that it was the Unnamed's intent for Arisen Tyrk to challenge its power, but his defeat does not mark the end of the battle against the unnamed. Xhoohx urges the Defenders to depart back to Earth and they comply. Once back in their dimension, Doc Strange departs to aide Xhoohx, and Hulk goes off to be alone where it is quiet. He wonders why he stays with the Defenders, when all he wants to be is alone; and then questions why being alone hurts. Back at Empire University, The Foolkiller appears seeking out the Lunatik, a.k.a. Professor Harrison Turk.

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Hideth #1 comic

Herb Trimpe
Mickey Demeo
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)

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