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Defenders, The #82: Review

Apr 1980
Ed Hannigan, Joe Sinnott

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3.5 stars

Defenders, The #82 Review by (March 26, 2024)

Review: The fantasy epic continues, this time with no real-world interruption, and it’s still exciting. It’s also still overwritten, with a dialogue-heavy layout. One more to go. Again, minus half a star for all the talky talk.

Comments: Part five of six parts. Hellcat, Valkyrie, and Nighthawk do not appear in this issue, as they are in New York and this issue is set entirely in Tunnelworld.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Defenders, The #82 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On Tunnelworld, Wizard-King Ytitnedion boasts to the captive Xhoohx that the latest events are all part of an elaborate scheme: Hulk has been secretly in the Unnameable’s power and all of Ytitnedion’s actions have been intended to capture the Defenders, put down the slave rebellion, and destroy Xhoohx and the Orb of Ommennon. Hulk awakens and breaks free of his bonds; Ytitnedion knows Xhoohx is doing it so he zaps the wizard whose Nya (benevolent spirits) immediately quit antagonizing Hulk….

In Ogeon’s slave ghetto, Doctor Strange and Sub-Mariner talk with Aeroika about his plans for the Winged Ones’ rebellion; Strange is suspicious of the timing while Namor is ready to join the revolt. Then word comes that enemy tanks are battering the barricades and a battle ensues with the Defenders helping the rebels to victory….

Hulk is issued a military uniform and a Nillfim-Bird to fly into battle for the Emperor….

Meanwhile, Ytitnedion tries to puzzle out how to destroy the Orb of Ommennon into which Xhoohx has transferred all of his magical power. All of his arcane spells fails to damage the Orb—until, in a fit of anger at a servant, he hurls a chalice at the Orb and it shatters as it was protected only against magical attacks, not physical….

While Namor and Aeroika with a group of Winged Ones guard his physical body in the sewers, Doctor Strange sends his astral form throughout the palace, discovers the shattered Orb then locates Xhoohx. The imprisoned wizard tells Strange to use the Orb but Stange can only give him the bad news. Ytitnedion enters and spies Strange and a brief magical duel ensues; Strange is at a disadvantage in his astral form. Xhoohx’s Nya help out by pulling the villain’s cloak over his head so Strange can escape. In retaliation, Ytitnedion kills Xhoohx, leading to his Nya dropping to the ground and dying….

Down in the sewers, Namor catches a little man in a boat who shows them an entrance to the palace via the dungeon. There they free the prisoners but one unfortunate is beyond saving so Aeroika puts him out of his misery….

Dr. Strange, still in astral form, locates Hulk among the Nilffim Riders and, to his surprise, they can all see him. Strange flies out, Hulk leading the Riders in pursuit. Strange cleverly defeats one after another of the Riders until the Hulk is the only one left. Strange flies back into the castle and leads Hulk to the remnants of the Orb of Ommennon; he casts a spell that causes the Orb to reassemble, trapping Hulk and his Bird inside. Ytitnedion sneaks up on Strange but Namor and Aeroika enter behind him and overpower the Emperor….

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Joe Sinnott
Joe Sinnott
Glynis Oliver
Rich Buckler (Cover Penciler)
Joe Rubinstein (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Don Perlin. Letterer: John Costanza.


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Defenders.

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