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Defenders, The #10: Review

Nov 1973
Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema

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Breakthrough: The Incredible Hulk vs. the Mighty Thor

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5 stars

Defenders, The #10 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Hulk and Thor first battled in the classic Journey into Mystery #112 which was, itself, an extension of Avengers #3.

Defenders, The #10 Review by (September 16, 2013)
In chap 10 Sub-Mariner arrives with the 5th piece, but he brings most of the Avengers (Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman and Vision plus guest Mantis) with him. Namor explains how Cap told him during their individual battle in Av#117 that Loki had told the Avengers that the Defenders wanted to conquer the Universe. The 2 teams compare notes, and the Avengers realise Loki had tricked them, while the Defenders realise they had jumped to the wrong conclusions. At this point nobody knows that Dormammu had tricked the Defenders in #8 into believing that the Evil Eye would help BK. And that it's Dormammu who intends to conquer Earth's dimension. They then rush off to stop the Hulk/Thor fight. When Thor hears that currently-blind Loki tricked them, he remembers the last time he saw him at Rutland, Vermont in Thor #207. Dr Strange recalls how the Defenders fought Dormammu there in Marvel Feature #2. This is enough to make them suspect a partnership. Dormammu's servant Asti the All-Seeing was previously all-seen in Strange Tales #144. After this he'll pop up again in Dr Strange #67 and #73. Dormammu uses the combined Evil Eye to merge the Earth dimension into his own. This lets him get round an oath he'd sworn to Dr Strange in ST#127 not to invade Earth's dimension.

The title of this issue "Breakthrough" is given to chapter 9 of the Avengers/Defenders War - Hulk vs Thor. Chapter 10 is given its own title "United we stand". Hulk says he's looking for the Eye because he considers Black Knight his friend (while he currently dislikes the Defenders). I don't know why, because nothing particularly happened between them in their 2 meetings in Avengers #100 and Def#4. Hulk finds he can't pick up Thor's hammer Mjolnir, because he's not worthy enough. He's still not worthy in the recent Indestructible Hulk #6-7. The Defenders have been seeking the 6 fragments of the Evil Eye because they believe Sr Strange can use it to restore Black Knight from the stone statue state he was placed in by Enchantress in #4. They have 4 of the 6 pieces won by Strange, Hawkeye, Silver Surfer and Valkyrie over the last few issues of Defenders and Avengers.


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Defenders, The #10 Synopsis by Harold Holt
This story follows on from AVENGERS (1963) #117

Chapter 9 - The Hulk walks through Los Angeles following the mystic directions planted in his head by Dr. Strange. These directions lead the Hulk right to one of the Evil Eye components. Unfortunately the Mighty Thor arrives to stop him. It isn't long before the two magnificent titans are locked in destructive combat until they are given pause by the arrival of the rest of the Defenders and the Avengers who now stand united, aware that they have all been used as pawns.

In chapter 10, it is shown how the members of the two titanic teams were made aware of their duo deceit by villains Loki and Dormammu. When the Hulk reluctantly hands over the Evil Eye component that he had secured, Asti, the all-seeing servant of Dormammu, swoops down out of nowhere and consumes the components of the Evil Eye. This mystic messenger manages to evade the combined efforts of all the heroes, taking the Evil Eye to Dormammu. Next, the Los Angeles landscape begins to transform into an alien landscape even as humans are transformed into alien creatures. Dormammu finally appears, boasting that the earth will now mirror his own devilish dimension in appearance. The chapter ends with the mystical and diabolic menace of Dormammu facing off against the combined might of the Defenders and the Avengers.

The story will continue in AVENGERS (1963) #118

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