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Doc Samson #1: Review

Jan 1996
Dan Slott, Ken Lashley

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Greenness Envy

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3 stars

Doc Samson #1 Review by (August 17, 2022)
The first solo issue featuring the Hulk supporting character. This mini is one of the earliest efforts of writer Dan Slott who would end up writing a widely-hailed run on She-Hulk (and would feature Doc Samson late in the second volume.) This was part of the short-lived Marvel Edge line of comic encompassing Hulk, Daredevil, Punisher vol. 2, Ghost Rider, and Cutting Edge #1, a Hulk crossover.

Additional comments by Peter Silvestro:
The title, as befitting a Marvel Edge title, is a pun on “penis envy” (look it up if you really want to). Story takes place before THE INCREDIBLE HULK #436. This miniseries marks the only appearances of Patchwork and Detective Trina Sharp. First appearance of Dee Dee Dearborn.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Doc Samson #1 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick

Gamma-powered psychiatrist Leonard Samson is giving a speech to a group of students about Gamma radiation. At the same time a woman in New York City is being pursued and is attacked. After the lecture, Samson is confronted by an NYPD detective named Sharpe who informs him that there is a gamma powered serial killer in New York who has killed 6 women. Samson is visited by Professor Hulk who implores him to go to New York to catch the killer. There is a brief fight which results in the Hulk reverting to his “Savage Banner” incarnation. Bruce Banner calms down and reverts to the “Professor” Hulk. Samson agrees to go investigate.

Doc Samson arrives in New York while a young girl (Dee Dee Dearborn) has nightmares of being a monster and attacking girls. Samson is picked up by Detective Sharpe and is taken right to a bridge where a man threatens to jump off. He turns away a call from X-Factor’s Polaris to attend to the suicidal man on a bridge. After a brief conversation, the man jumps off the bridge and is caught by Doc Samson, saving his life. Samson gives the man his card and offers to speak with him. Samson is then knocked on the ground by a playful She-Hulk who reveals her cousin Bruce has also asked her to look into the Gamma-powered killer and that she will be Samson’s muscle. Samson meets with Sharpe and investigates Patchwork. He states that “..with a gamma-being, you CAN judge a book by its cover, as its physical appearance is a manifestation of all its inner desires.” He learns the killer is called Patchwork because he takes pieces of his female victims and puts them together. Samson gets sick and vomits. Patchwork is seen in the East Village and Sharpe and Samson go to confront it. Patchwork and Samson fight while a female victim writhes in agony. Samson and Patchwork leap inadvertently into the East River and Samson is gripped by the throat.

Story #2

Greenness Envy

Writer: Dan Slott. Penciler: Ken Lashley. Inker: Tom Wegrzyn. Inker: Art Nichols. Colorist: Tom Wegrzyn. Colorist: Ken Lashley.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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Ken Lashley
Tom Wegrzyn
Christie Scheele
Ken Lashley (Cover Penciler)
Toinay (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Loretta Krol.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Jennifer Walters)

Plus: Geiger (Dee Dee Dearborn).

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