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Doc Samson #2: Review

Feb 1996
Dan Slott, ?

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Body Double

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4 stars

Doc Samson #2 Review by (August 23, 2022)

Review: A knockout issue that poses the question, “What could be worse than a gamma-irradiated killer?” The answer is, “Two gamma-irradiated killers.” Doc Samson’s underwater battle with the one and She-Hulk’s losing fight with the other are major highlights. The oddest bit is Doc’s rescue of the tormented Geiger—who then turns into a bouncy, bubbly superhero/cheerleader for comic effect (explained next issue). The tone seems off. And the art goes from standard 1990s scratchy art with big muscles and all the other clichés to 1990s cartoonish art with all of the same visual tropes. Cool series and just a bit darker than usual.

Comments: Dee Dee Dearborn becomes Geiger in this issue. Pencils by Ken Lashley, Steve Geiger, and Roberto Flores. Inks by Jaime Mendoza, Robert Hedden, and Dan Panosian. Colors by Christie Scheele and Ian Laughlin.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Doc Samson #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Doc Samson is at the bottom of the river, battling the gamma-powered monster; he escapes briefly to find his patient Lorna Dane is trying to contact him and then the monster drags him to the bottom again….

Reporter Rudy Pinkerton arrives at the police position and tries to get Detective Trina Sharp to give him the scoop; the angry cop seizes his tape record and throws it in the river….

Meanwhile, She-Hulk, racing to the scene is grabbed in an alley by Patchwork; she fights back but he slowly drains her gamma until she is the weak Jen Walters again. Patchwork drags off his two victims, Jen and the green-eyed girl he sought….

At the same time, the monster that has Samson at the bottom of the river changes its form, becoming smaller and weaker. Doc is able to beat it and haul it to the surface. Sharp is delighted to close the case but Doc has some bad news: Patchwork is a man but the creature he just captured is female. Pinkerton, too far away to hear this last part, calls in to his paper to report the Patchwork Killer has been caught….

After the creature is locked up, Samson searches through a box of his gear and comes out with the special Geiger Counter he created to track individual gamma signatures. He turns it on and it shows their captive’s signature changing to match Samson’s, revealing her to be able to copy other radiation patterns. Samson interviews the creature to gain an insight into the real killer’s mind, as she describes staking and capturing a green-eyed woman; Samson then has to talk the copycat through her madness, bringing her out of Patchwork’s mental pattern to match Samson’s. The young woman, whom Doc dubs “Geiger,” has to be convinced she is not the real Patchwork Killer but can help then find him. A mob, incensed by the news report that the Killer has been captured, storms the police station. Doc Samson goes to address the mob, telling them that they do not have the Patchwork Killer on the premises—but the crowd does not believe him. Samson tears up a length of railroad track to use as a barricade. Inside, Geiger, seeing through the Killer’s eyes, learns that he has been disappointed: the green-eyed girl he kidnapped is really wearing green contacts over her natural blue eyes. Geiger now knows he is going to strike again. Outsid, Doc meets the mother of one of the first victims and pledges to the crowd he will capture Patchwork before he kills again; he then gives the mother his card so she can contact him later. He reenters the building to learns that a) Geiger knows when and where the Killer is going to strikes gain, and b) she is going with him, having donned his old costume found among his effects.

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Ken Lashley (Cover Penciler)
Toinay (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

(Jennifer Walters)

Plus: Geiger (Dee Dee Dearborn).

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