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Falcon #4: Review

Feb 1984
Jim Owsley, M. D. Bright

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3.5 stars

Falcon #4 Review by (July 25, 2013)
Review: Final issue of the miniseries is marked by some dynamic action sequences but an absurd plot. The story starts well with various parties searching for the kidnapped President but the ending is pure leftist fantasy: all Ronald Reagan needed was to be told (at gunpoint) that poor people have it tough, and he’s ready to introduce legislation—to do what? We’re not told (and I suspect Christopher Priest wouldn’t know either); these systemic problems can’t be solved with any stoke of a pen. And I’ll bet the terrorists who bombed a motorcade and threatened to kill the Pres were forgiven because their hearts were in the right place. It doesn’t help that the President variously resembles Darren McGavin and Billy Bob Thornton—but never Ronald Reagan. So ignore the political aspects and enjoy the thrill ride—it’s a comic book, remember?

Comments: Jim Owsley is better known as Christopher Priest.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Falcon #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Electro (who was unconscious at the end of last issue but just go with it) assaults the fortified hideout of the Legion street gang, demanding to know where they are holding the kidnapped President….

Meanwhile, Police Sergeant Tork leads Captain America to another hideout of the Legion where they had planned a trap for the Falcon. The duo bursts in and Cap easily takes out the guards and they move cautiously into the building….

Back at the other hideout, Falcon, recovering from the villain’s blast last issue, tries to get the gang members to say where the President is but they do not trust him. Instead, he rushes a gangster shocked by Electro to the hospital then follows Redwing, who had trailed Electro earlier. At the garage, Cap fights his way through more punks and arrives at the office to find gang leader Xeon holding a gun to the President’s head. Electro crashes through the ceiling and, taking Cap completely by surprise, knocks him out with an electric blast. Falcon arrives in the nick of time and attacks the baddie. A chase/battle then ensues that takes them throughout the large garage and ends with the hero dousing the villain with water to dampen his power and then punching his lights out. He returns to the office where he asks Cap to let him handle the matter. Falcon persuades Xeon to talk to the President, explaining how tough it is on the street for the underclass. When the police arrive, the President holds them off while he continues his "conference"….

Later Reagan announces sweeping new legislation—and the Chief of Police takes credit for bringing the Falcon in on the case. Sam, Steve, and Tork, watching at home, find this hilarious. Cap takes his leave then Rachel (from issue #2) shows up for a date with Sam. Tork fumes until they come back to invite him along.

M. D. Bright
Mike Gustovich
Steve Mellor
M. D. Bright (Cover Penciler)
Joe Rubinstein (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Max Dillon)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: President Ronald Reagan.

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