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Falcon #2: Review

Dec 1983
Jim Owsley, M. D. Bright

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3.5 stars

Falcon #2 Review by (July 12, 2013)
Review: A fine tale, as gritty and realistic as Marvel could manage at the time, especially since a giant robot had to fit into the proceedings as well. It’s the Sentinel that throws off the street-level hero theme that marks this miniseries; couldn’t Falcon have been captured by the Kingpin or another gangster, instead of resorting to an X-Men villain? The attempts at addressing social issues are handled well, toned down for comic book consumption and lacking in preachiness. Rich girl Rachel’s presence seems rather pointless and her last-page appearance in issue #4 adds nothing. New artist Mark Bright does a fine job following up Paul Smith; his backgrounds are a bit too busy (whereas Smith dispensed with them entirely a couple of times!) but are not otherwise distracting.

Comments: Jim Owsley is better known as Christopher Priest. Rachel’s last name is given as “White” in the Grand Comics Database but that may be a mistake from her being called by a gang member “Ms Rich Lily-White,” which is an insult not a name. Big Question: How does a fifty-foot tall robot travel from Harlem to Upstate New York without being seen? Answer: Because the script says so.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Falcon #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

After a tough night on a mission with Police Sgt. Tork, the Falcon stretches his wings and flies, looping and soaring through the air. In his ecstasy, he destroys a parachute—swiftly he catches the falling woman and lowers her to the ground safely. The skydiver explains that she was blown off course and introduces herself as Rachel. Falcon flies off, unaware that something terrible is waiting under a nearby landfill….

Tork drops by Sam’s apartment and awakens him for his busy day at the social work office. That night, the Falcon meets with the Legion, a former street gang under new leadership. They want to abandon their criminal past and reinvent themselves as a neighborhood watch, and they need the Falcon’s influence to get permission to march in the next day’s parade, helping them gain acceptance with the community. Falcon promises their leader Xeon to be there. On his way home Falcon walks past the landfill and to his (and our) surprise, a Sentinel, buried there since X-MEN #98, leaps out and seizes and gasses the hero who it identifies as a mutant—and is programmed to kill….

Falcon awakens in a glass tube at the giant robot’s base—and realizes it is morning, and he never interceded for the Legion with the parade organizers. Crashing out, he evades the Sentinel and zooms out of the building, followed by his bird Redwing….

Back in the city, the Legion tries to march in the parade but they are stopped by the police, who know them only as a criminal gang. A cop shoves Xeon, which leads to a fight, and a frightened rookie shooting a gang member fatally. Xeon blames the Falcon for having abandoned them and a riot ensues….

Meanwhile, Falcon is being pursued through the skies by the Sentinel, unable to lose it as they soar across upstate New York. Spying a military artillery range in use, the hero leads his gigantic foe through the shell fire where it is seriously damaged—but not destroyed. It seizes Falcon and begins to squeeze…. Falcon uses his mental powers to summon Redwing who enters the hole in the side of the monster’s head and rips out the wiring, disabling the Sentinel. Back at the riot, Rachel (the skydiver from the beginning of the story) arrives in a limousine looking for the Falcon, but the street is blocked off by the chaos. A thug intends to shoot her in retaliation for the Legion guy who was killed but Falcon swoops down and snatches him away in the nick of time. Falcon tries to explain to Xeon but the gang leader isn’t listening, blinded by his feelings of betrayal. Sam knows it will be a long slow road to win back their trust….

M. D. Bright
Sam Delarosa
Christie Scheele
Paul Smith (Cover Penciler)
Paul Smith (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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(Sam Wilson)

Plus: Sentinels.

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