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Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #5: Review

Sep 2011
Sean McKeever, Mike Norton

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Youth in Revolt Part Five

Review & Comments

4.5 stars

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #5 Review by (August 9, 2023)

Review: See issue #1 for full review.

Comments: Issue partly narrated by Cloud 9. The battle with Juggernaut/Kuurth, Breaker of Stone in issues #3 through the beginning of #6 falls between FEAR ITSELF #4 and 5.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The battle between Gravity and Hardball has created a seismic shockwave in Las Vegas. Cloud 9 and Thor Girl, along with others try to rescue the endangered. They are helping evacuate a hotel when the building collapses around them, trapping them in the rubble. Thor Girl holds up the upper floors to keep everyone safe….   

Prodigy and Firestar arrive on the scene. Prodigy puts Telemetry in charge, having her create a force platform to descend into the Earth to stabilize the fault lines, Gravity and Hardball, partly recovered from their injuries, board the platform for its descent. Firestar and Telemetry go under their own power. Reaching the fault matrix, Gravity and Hardball must hold hands to generate an electro-gravitational field…

Cloud 9 starts to panic from claustrophobia; Thor Girl wonders if it is her fate to die that day; breaking down, Prodigy heads to a liquor store and picks up a bottle of whiskey; the heroes underground bend under the pressure….

Cloud 9 pulls it together and tells Thor Girl she can save them all if she doesn’t give in to notions of “fate.” TG lifts the upper part of the building. Prodigy pulls it together and pours the whiskey on the ground and contacts Telemetry for an update. The quake stops. Komodo and Cloud 9 find each other safe and head into the building via the tunnel created by Thor Girl to rescue those trapped inside. Prodigy comes face-to-face with Thor Girl who denounces him over her legal ordeal; he responds that he is the one holding everything together while she agonizes over her own problems—so he hits him with her hammer….

Mike Norton
Mike Norton
Veronica Gandini
Giuseppe Camuncoli (Cover Penciler)
Giuseppe Camuncoli (Cover Inker)
Paul Malmont (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Cloud 9 (Abby Boylen), Firestar (Angel Jones), Gravity (Greg Willis), Hardball (Roger Brokeridge), Komodo (Melati Kusuma), Prodigy (Richard Gilmore), Telemetry (Marina Zane), Thor Girl (Tarene).

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