Free Comic Book Day (2015) Avengers #1: Review

Jun 2015
Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar

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The all-new, all-different Avengers

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4 stars

Free Comic Book Day (2015) Avengers #1 Review by (February 25, 2016)
This is the 1st day on the job for the new Avengers, so it must follow on from ANAD Avengers #3 where the team formed.

The issue mentions that Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers aren't friends anymore. This stems from the 1st 2 issues of Captain America: Sam Wilson where they disagreed over SHIELD policy (including to some extent the mysterious Kobik programme that will lead to the Standoff: Pleasant Hill event).

It also says that the Avengers don't have Tony Stark's money to rely on, even though he's still there as Iron Man. In the actual series we will learn that Stark is short of cash and has had to sell Avengers Tower. (But Iron Man's own series will show him and his company still having lots of assets, so maybe it's a cash-flow problem.)

Fangirl Kamala reminds them it was Wasp who chose the name Avengers, when Shellhead claims not to remember.

Radioactive Man is 1 of Marvel's longest-serving villains, dating all the way back to Journey Into Mystery #93 with Thor, and fighting the Avengers in his 2nd app in Av#6. He's often been portrayed as a hero to his Chinese nation, and for a very long time he was a hero-in-general in the Thunderbolts. But now he seems to be back to plain villainy.

We don't know what he was after. Nor do we find out where the Avengers went at the end.

Qeng Enterprises are the buyers of Avengers Tower, and their CEO Mr Gryphon will show himself (to the readers only) as a villain. Other villains will work for the Dynasty. But despite this early use of the term Qeng Dynasty by RM it will take Tony Stark a long time to connect the dots.


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Free Comic Book Day (2015) Avengers #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The (All-New All-Different) Avengers are on their 1st case and the teen members (Ms Marvel, Nova and the ex-Ultimate Spider-Man) can hardly hold themselves back as MsM shouts "Avengers Assemble". The grown-ups (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Vision) are pleased too.

But they aren't 10 minutes later when they take the teens to task for disobeying an order.

Back 10 minutes ago the team face a fire-breathing green Chinese-style dragon in front of the Federal Reserve Bank. Iron Man figures this is a distraction to keep them from seeing what's going on inside. So while the adults deal with it Sam Wilson sends the kids in to investigate, with orders not to let any villains escape.

Inside the bank the youngsters find dead bodies and Radioactive Man who says his aim is the collapse of the Western economy in the service of the Qeng Dynasty. Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) attacks him with an enlarged hand, but just gets radiation burns. Nova (Sam Alexander) rockets in because his uniform will protect him from radiation. But RM switches his radiation output to ultraviolet, which renders him invisible. So Spider-Man sprays the area with webbing to outline the villain's body. We end the scene with MsM shouting "There! Get him!"

Outside the bank the dragon is impervious to the female Thor's hammer. Iron Man boosts Vision's energy so he can get inside the beast. But the dragon disappears. As does the villain inside the bank.

Now the team are reunited inside and Cap seems angry that the 3 juniors let Radioactive Man escape. Spidey explains that Ms Marvel saw a man falling from a great height, and he and Nova rushed to the rescue. Meanwhile the villain vanished. Cap clarifies that they allowed RM to get away just to save 1 man, not considering how many more lives that might put at risk.

But then he commends them for their decision, and says they'll make good Avengers. Iron Man adds that the name doesn't mean they should have chased the villain to avenge those he had killed. Their primary purpose is always to protect civilians.

The Golden Avenger detects that both foes were removed by transtemporal teleportation. And another burst of such energy suggests another incident is taking place nearby. So they rush off to deal with that.

Mahmud Asrar
Mahmud Asrar
Frank Martin
Jerome Opena (Cover Penciler)
Jerome Opena (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)


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