Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America and Steve Rogers Captain America #1: Review

Sep 2017
Nick Spencer, Paul Renaud

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Generations: The Americas

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4.5 stars

Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America and Steve Rogers Captain America #1 Review by (October 1, 2017)
Comments: One-shot lead-in to MARVEL LEGACY #1.

Review: This Generations installment has a bit more depth than the others as it covers the entirety of Sam Wilson's life rather than just a few minutes for the paired heroes to fight some baddies and say a few words of encouragement to one another. In this case, Steve Cap has spent his entire life being an inspiration but Sam learns in the end that he has done the same. It's all part of being Captain America, a symbol of the highest ideals of the nation. A moving validation of a man's life, even without overt heroism.


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Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America and Steve Rogers Captain America #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Prologue: Captain America Sam Wilson is being questioned about the one minute he vanished with a number of other superheroes....

As Sam remembers it he awoke in New York City at the beginnings of World War 2. Taken in by a friendly acquaintance, he took on the name of Paul Jeffries and got a job and when America entered the War, he enlisted. And his path crossed with the original Captain America. Sam used his wings to go on unofficial missions, leading a team of African American pilots. When Sam formally met Cap, Steve confided in him that he did not feel up to the responsibility he was given. Sam encourages him to keep going and he will become the hero he needs to be and he will inspire generations to come....

The War ends and Sam goes home, though Cap does not, frozen in ice in the North Atlantic. As Paul Jeffries, Sam becomes the pastor of a church, marries, becomes a father then a grandfather, takes part in the Civil Rights Movement, and then the day comes: Captain America returns, joining the Avengers. Sam sees him again and Steve recognizes him. They have a private meeting and “Paul” promises to always be there when Steve needs to talk....

The years go by. Cap is joined by the Falcon, a younger version of Sam. A civil war is fought. Cap is assassinated. He returns. Then when he loses his powers, he comes to speak to his old friend Paul. Steve asks for advice on whether Sam Wilson should become the new Captain America—and he notices how much Sam resembles Paul. Sam tells Steve that young Sam's biggest challenge will be living up to Steve's legacy as the hero who inspired millions. Steve confesses that while he was doing all this, he was inspired by his friend Paul who served his country and never asked for recognition....

For Sam this puts everything into perspective: for the first time he was his own man—not a partner or an ally or a friend but someone with a legacy of his own. On his deathbed, Paul Jeffries awakens as Sam Wilson Captain America....

Government agents question him as to the whereabouts of Kobik, the living Cosmic Cube; he refuses to tell them anything and leaves where he joins the other younger heroes who had also gone through the Vanishing Point. The go out and celebrate together but after the party breaks up Jane Foster Thor notices he looks different from all the others—like he has lived a lifetime. They reason that Kobik wanted them all to think about their own paths, their own legacies....

Late that night, out of the dark, Sam throws the shield back to Steve, with a note of encouragement attached....

Paul Renaud
Paul Renaud
Laura Martin
Paul Renaud (Cover Penciler)
Paul Renaud (Cover Inker)
Paul Renaud (Cover Colorist)


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