Ghost Rider #49: Review

May 1994
Howard Mackie, Ron Garney

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Darkness Within

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3 stars

Ghost Rider #49 Review by (April 9, 2010)
Ghost Rider does not appear in this issue. Hulk is on his way to Rick Jones’ bachelor party in Incredible Hulk #417.


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Ghost Rider #49 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A hostage situation at a Manhattan deli is interrupted by the arrival of Vengeance, who calmly walks into the store and takes down the two robbers, terrifying the hostages. Back at the precinct house, Michael Badilino decides to take time off from being a cop and from the spirit of Vengeance which possesses him, to the dismay of his co-workers. 

Meanwhile, the sinister businessman Mr. Hellgate orders his minions to find out all they can about Ghost Rider and Vengeance. That night Mike stops by Cypress Hills Cemetery, where he is unaware that he is under surveillance by Hellgate’s men… And another figure. Mike detects a presence behind him and draws a gun but the gun is snatched away by “Professor” Hulk. Hulk is there for the Pantheon, searching for the missing Ghost Rider before heading to a bachelor party. Mike, thinking Hulk is one of Hellgate’s agents, turns into Vengeance and attacks. Hulk wants answers and thinks his foe has them so uses his fists to try to end the fight quickly. The two armored watchers, Hellgate’s real agents, remain in hiding, hoping Hulk will soften up Vengeance and make it easier for them to capture the supernatural being for their boss. When Hulk threatens to tear his opponent’s head off, one of the bad guys panics and fires a force bolt at the Green Giant. The two villains then realize they have to battle both combatants and they manage to lock Vengeance in a stasis field. Hulk however uses a lamppost to bat them out of the park. When the villains return with weapons blazing Hulk flattens them with a thunderclap and the two heroes take down the hapless thugs. Afterwards, Vengeance explains how he doesn't know what happened to Ghost Rider and isn't sure he wants these occult powers he was left with. Hulk tries to advise him on dealing with unwanted powers and invites him to the bachelor party. The spirit of Vengeance politely declines. 

Elsewhere in the cemetery, Ghost Rider’s hidden skull awakens from its long-dormant state and glows with hellfire…

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Hideth #1 comic

Ron Garney
Al Williamson
Gregory Wright


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