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Guardians Of The Galaxy #28: Review

Sep 1992
Jim Valentino, Herb Trimpe

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Villains, villains everywhere

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4 stars

Guardians Of The Galaxy #28 Review by (October 30, 2021)
This is an official tie-in to the Infinity War mini-series connected to #3.

Dr Octopus needs no introduction and neither do the power couple Absorbing Man and Titania, but the others in his 1st group are less well known.
Oddball is a Hawkeye foe in the Death-Throws team appearing in Hawkeye (1983) #3-4, Captain America #317 (guest-starring Hawkeye) and Avengers Spotlight (Hawkeye) #23-25.
Powderkeg was a throwaway villain in the Captain Marvel (1989) 1-shot, 1 of the many escaping prisoners in the Avengers: Death Trap, The Vault 1-shot and had another villain-of-the-issue gig in Deathlok (1991) #12
Jackhammer started high as a Hydra Division Leader in Daredevil #123). Then he got his strength enhanced by the Power Broker (CA#371) and sank to being a member of the Power Tools team (CA#374,376-377).
Yellowjacket has the longest CV. She stole Hank Pym's YJ suit in Av#264 and was part of Baron Zemo's Masters Of Evil (alongside Absorbing Man and Titania) who invaded Avengers Mansion (Av#271,273-277). She got her own slot in Solo Avengers #12 where she aided Black Knight and then got drafted into fighting the High Evolutionary in Av Annual #17 where she was made an honorary Avenger. She slipped back to being a villain in Superia's all-female Femizons in CA#389-391.

As we'll witness next issue Aleta is Starhawk's wife who shares their body. But he's been keeping her suppressed lately.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Guardians Of The Galaxy #28 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Dr Octopus has gathered together a group of villains Absorbing Man, Jackhammer, Oddball, Powderkeg, Titania and Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara). He reminds them that the FF's HQ exploded earlier (end of Infinity War #2, beginning of IW#3) and the Avengers were there along with most other superheroes. Now while the heroes are busy (and maybe dead) is the time to invade Avengers Mansion and steal their advanced tech. YJ doesn't want to do this because she's hoping to become an Avenger herself so she tries to dissuade them, but the mob is gung-ho. Otto Octavius' thoughts let us know he only chose these losers because they'd be easier to control than the latest Sinister Six in Spider-Man (1990) #18-23.)

Meanwhile last issue the Guardians Of The Galaxy came back from their future and stopped off with the Inhumans on the Moon. Hearing about what was happening in New York they teleported to Avengers Mansion to help out.

Now they arrive at a building that looks radically different from their last visit (the Korvac Saga in Av#167-177). Edwin Jarvis attacks Vance Astro with a vacuum cleaner before recognising them as the Guardians. Vance has to explain that he's Major Victory now, wearing a version of Captain America's uniform and carrying his shield which survived into the future. Jarvis is able to reassure them that the heroes survived the explosion and many of them have gone on a mystic journey (see IW#3). Then Comms Officer Peggy Carter rushes in to inform them of Ock's villains outside, and the GOTG rush off to fight them.

The 6 villains (without their leader) announce themselves as the Masters Of Evil. MV assigns his force to individual enemies by name (I don't know how he knows who most of them are):- Nikki to tackle YJ, Talon on Oddball, Charlie-27 to stop Absorbing Man, Starhawk on Powderkeg while he himself picks Jackhammer. He forgets about Titania who confronts 3 of the armed Avengers Support Crew males (the Marvel Chronology Project identifies them as Pilot John Jameson, Security Chief Michael O'Brien and Mechanic Fabian Stankowicz). Powderkeg blasts Starhawk backwards and he phases through a wall to be greeted inside by his evil Doppelganger (see the IW series for these guys). The One-Who-Knows says he was expecting him.

Doc Ock's still in his lair monitoring the action and presses a button to initiate his contingency plan.

Nikki has easily defeated Yellowjacket (whose heart wasn't in the fight). Titania wiped the floor with the 3 unpowered men and has joined Crusher Creel in beating up Charlie. Now Nikki zaps her and angry Absorbing Man throws his ball and chain at her, but Rita DeMara pushes her out of its way. Vance psychokinetically takes out Jackhammer with his shield. Powderkeg makes to attack him but Talon's tail sends Oddball into him knocking both villains out. Charlie knocks Absorbing Man down and the villain reaches out his hand to absorb the strength of a concrete path but accidentally turns himself to dirt instead, and Charlie blows him up.

Inside Avengers Mansion Starhawk greets a mutual absorption with his evil counterpart expecting the result to be an even more superior being. But then he senses that the Dop will be the dominant partner and he calls on Aleta for help.

Jarvis contacts the Vault to send some Guardsmen to pick up the villains, except YJ who helped them. But then they realise that YJ and Nikki have gone into the Mansion for some reason, and they head in to investigate. There they find Octopus holding the 2 females aloft unconscious, and behind him is another gang:- Gargantua, Puff Adder and Shocker.

Herb Trimpe
Steve Montano
Evelyn Stein
J. J. Birch (Cover Penciler)
Steve Montano (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ken Lopez.
Editor: Craig Anderson.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Absorbing Man
Absorbing Man

(Crusher Creel)
Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus

(Otto Octavius)

(Edwin Jarvis)

(Herman Schultz)

Plus: Charlie-27, Fabian Stankowicz, Jackhammer, John Jameson, Leviathan (Gargantua), Michael O'Brien, Nikki, Oddball (Elton Healey), Peggy Carter, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Starhawk (Stakar Ogord), Talon, Titania, Vance Astro (Major Victory).

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