Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1: Review

Oct 1998
Tom DeFalco, Jeff Johnson

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Battered by Batroc!

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4 stars

Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1 Review by (July 13, 2021)

Review: Cool one-shot adventure for Hawkeye who is seen at his best here and the two less familiar heroes complement him nicely. And nice selection of baddies: Batroc is always fun to watch being beaten though Oddball has little to do here. A scarier-than-usual Taskmaster with the extra powers is formidable. The Albino was never seen again; I guess she was considered too generic a mad scientist. Best Moment: Hawkeye mentions inventing a boxing glove arrow that got a lot of laughs, a subtle dig at DC’s archer hero Green Arrow.

Comments: Story takes place between Avengers (1998 series) #6 and 7. First and only appearance of Albino as of 2020. Not the Machete who died in CAPTAIN AMERICA #422 but a successor, Alfonso Lopez. Detective McBain appears to be a nod to Ed McBain, author of the classic police series centered on the 87th Precinct. Oddball was introduced in Clint’s first miniseries HAWKEYE (1983) #3-4. The Avengers androids were Giant-Man, Quicksilver, Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Vision, Sub-Mariner, and Beast. Taskmaster makes a joke about Spider-Man’s Clone Saga.


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Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Hawkeye is supervising the training of new Reserve Avengers Firestar and Justice when Jarvis announces a visitor, Augusta Seger. Ms. Seger mentions that she is a computer programmer and has accidentally developed a dangerous virus and needs Hawkeye’s help in containing it. Even though he knows this is beyond his capabilities, he reluctantly accompanies her back to her lab. But there is no virus, it’s a trap and he is ambushed by Batroc, Machete, and Zaran; there is a wild brawl and Hawkeye defeats the mercenary trio in the end. He then looks for Augusta Seger but finds only the rubber mask she was wearing….

Assaulted by Oddball!
Writer: Tom DeFalco. Pencils: Dave Ross. Inks: Tom Wegrzyn. Colors: Joe Andreani.
Synopsis: Back at Avengers Mansion, Hawkeye has Firestar do a computer search to try to identify Augusta Seger, while he and Justice head to the police station to question Batroc and his pals. But at the station, Seger, revealed to be a villain called the Albino, releases a gas which knocks out all the cops and she brings in her gang to impersonate them. She pays off Batroc and his guys and sends them home. Hawkeye and Justice arrive at the station and suddenly all of the cells spring open and the gathered “cops” and robbers mob the two heroes. With a combination of Hawkeye’s fighting skills and Justice’s telekinetic powers, they beat up the baddies; their leader unmasks as Oddball, who seems to be a match for the archer—until Justice throws Oddball up where he bangs his head on the ceiling. Back at their base, the Albino is revealed to be working with Taskmaster….

Trounced by Taskmaster
Writer: Tom DeFalco. Pencils: Mark Bagley. Inks: Al Milgrom. Colors: Joe Andreani.
Synopsis: Firestar tells Hawkeye and Justice what she discovered about Augusta Seger a/k/a the Albino: she is a biologist who specializes in mutagenics and is known for dangerous experimentation. Firestar suggests they consult with the other Avengers but Clint nixes that idea, wanting to do things himself. The Albino calls to arrange a meeting with the hero who asks to bring along the two Reserve Avengers, knowing it’s a trap. The trio shows up at the railyard for the meeting and they overpower the guards; they are then knocked out by a gas which also causes them to shrink to insect size. They wake up to discover Taskmaster has placed them in a maze and they must work their way through to reach the antidote. They are then attacked by miniature androids in the shapes of the various Avengers and as the tiny battle rages, Taskmaster is hooked up to a machine transferring their powers to him. Firestar gets fed up with the situation and smashes her way out of the maze with the others. They regain their normal sizes and learn that Taskmaster now has the powers of Justice and Firestar—though, since the experiment was interrupted they are only temporary. Hawkeye battles an invisible Albino, finally trapping her with a net-arrow while the other two take on the powerful mercenary. At first, Taskmaster is formidable with telekinesis and microwaves but his lack of experience using them makes him an easy mark for the heroes. The New Warriors (Rage, Nova, Speedball, Night Thrasher) arrive in answer to Firestar’s earlier call and Hawkeye is at first mad but commends her for her initiative.

Jeff Johnson
Scott Kolins
Joe Andreani
Darick Robertson (Cover Penciler)
Darick Robertson (Cover Inker)
Rob McNab (Cover Colorist)


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(Clint Barton)

(Edwin Jarvis)

Plus: Albino (Augusta Seger), Firestar (Angel Jones), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Machete, New Warriors, Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor), Nova (Richard Rider), Oddball (Elton Healey), Rage, Speedball, Zaran (Maximillian Zaran).

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