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Hawkeye #1: Review

Jan 1994
Chuck Dixon, Scott Kolins

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3 stars

Hawkeye #1 Review by (December 28, 2020)

Review: Dark and gritty Hawkeye for the 90s! Totally missing the point that Hawkeye’s popularity lies in his very average guy qualities! Oh well, Matt Fraction would explain this in due time. Anyway, Hawkeye seems to be acting like Wolverine in this series, hiding in the Canadian north and wearing his uniform which makes no sense if he is trying to hide out. Though he tells us he’s no bunnyhugger (animal rights activist), he still seeks to care for the wounded animal which also makes sense as a Wolverine trait. He’s still the world’s greatest bowman and this is the 90s so he needs a shave but at least he doesn’t have a tiny jacket with a lot of pouches. The introduction of the animal construct is rather promising and Javelynn, a villainess with half her face in clown makeup and expertise at close fighting is promising. And Viper is one of my favorite baddies so this might be good.

Comments: Mockingbird (apparently) died in AVENGERS WEST COAST #100. Trick Shot was Hawkeye’s nemesis in SOLO AVENGERS #1-5 and AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #23-25. First appearance of Javelynn, who returns in STAR-LORD (2017). First appearance of Rover, whose comics history is limited to these four issues.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

To get away from the Avengers, Hawkeye has moved to the Canadian Rockies near the Arctic Circle. He comes upon three hunters chasing a caribou from snowmobiles; he fires a few well-placed arrows to disable the snowmobiles, forcing the men to walk the thirty miles back to the road with his warning ringing in their ears. Hawkeye then pursues the wounded caribou to put it out of its misery but he finds the beast dead, killed by an animal that fed on it. Clint does not recognize the animal that killed it and he pursues his unseen quarry through the woods until he stumbles upon a secret installation. When the sun rises he recognizes the building’s guards as Secret Empire. That night, as he plans to sneak into the place, the alarms go off and the searchlights come up: there is a big hunt for an escaping creature that Hawkeye cannot make out in the dark. The searchers are headed by Trick Shot and Javelynn; the former spots Hawkeye watching from the hills and fires an explosive arrow which Hawk manages to shoot out of the air. But that was only a distraction for Javelynn to attack him up close. Hawk escapes her and pursues the helicopter firing on the mysterious quarry; he finds the wounded creature is some sort of dog-man and he shoots down the copter with a shot into its motor. Clint takes the wounded creature to the nearest town of Dunroman….

Back at the installation, Trick Shot and Javelynn report to the Council of Ten where they are roundly chewed out by the leader, Viper….

Scott Kolins
Tim Dzon
Scott Kolins (Cover Penciler)
Tim Dzon (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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(Clint Barton)

Plus: Javelynn, Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm), Viper (Madame Hydra).

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