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Hercules: Prince of Power #4: Review

Dec 1982
Bob Layton, Bob Layton

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“—Not Just Another Galactus Story!"

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4 stars

Hercules: Prince of Power #4 Review by (June 29, 2020)
Review: The saddest thing about this issue is in the title, which admits that Galactus, one of Stan and Jack’s greatest creations in one of their greatest epics, has become so overused that such a thing as “just another Galactus story” exists.   
But this issue is cool, showing us another side of the World-Devourer who can also have fun when he allows himself to (and he lets his heralds have paid vacation and sick leave, I guess). And we see another side of Hercules: that he thinks he can outwit as well as outpunch his enemies—even though it fails here, with Big G cutting the hero a break. And Big G can be a pretty mellow dude as well. Not a lot else to say but to note that Herc has a second miniseries in 1984.

Comments: This appears to be the first time Galactus is seen without his helmet though the most famous instance would be in SILVER SURFER (1987 series) #51, continuing the look. Sam de la Rosa is credited with embellishing assist. Issue includes a full-page pinup of Hercules by Bob Layton.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hercules: Prince of Power #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Recorder 417 returns to his makers the Colonizers of Rigel and reports on his mission to record the exploits of the exiled Hercules. After a review of the previous issues, Recorder settles on Herc’s celebration of his recent victory on Ciegrim-7, the distiller’s planet where they really know how to party. Out of their gratitude, they present Herc with a vial of the most potent liquor in the galaxy. But then, Galactus’ herald Nova (Frankie Raye) arrives on the planet to learn why it wasn’t made ready for her master to feast on. Herc and Nova have an epic destructive battle which ends abruptly when she finds out that her foe is the real Earth Hercules and they go off together. Hearing nothing from his herald, Galactus orbits the world and puts his matter-converter in place. So Herc and Recorder take the Sun-Chariot out to Galactus’ ship to confront the World-Devourer; Herc tries to fight but finds he can do nothing to stop Galactus from his preparations to devour the planet—until Herc has an idea. He invites Galactus to drink with him, then spikes the big guy’s cup with the potent liquor given him by the inhabitants of Ciegrim-7. Galactus mellows out, even removing his helmet (he’s got a scary black widow’s peak), and informs Herc that he knows what the demigod was plotting and pretended to go along with his charade because he finds Herc to be an amusing buffoon. In gratitude, G decides to spare the planet and find another, returning Herc and Recorder to the planet. However, the Rigelians have arrived and want to discuss with Hercules the enormous bill run up on Recorder’s charge account. The grateful citizens of Ciegrim agree to pay it off but the Rigellians take back Recorder anyway. And Hercules? He returns to his romantic interlude with Nova….

Bob Layton
Bob Layton
Christie Scheele
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Rick Parker.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Nova (Frankie Raye), Recorder 417.

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