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Hercules: Prince of Power #1: Review

Mar 1984
Bob Layton, Bob Layton

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My Love is…Green?

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4 stars

Hercules: Prince of Power #1 Review by (January 26, 2021)

Review: Hercules is seen in this issue as both a heroic warrior, single-handedly winning a war, and as a womanizer, flirting with every woman he sees and losing his head over the hottest babe he’s spotted. And both of these are Hercules. And he’s cool. Recorder is back with his deadpan commentary on everything and the miniseries introduces a new regular character, Skyppi the Skrull, who is a total sourpuss, anticipating Bender from FUTURAMA. This mismatched trio will be carrying us through the rest of the series (and into its sequel, “Full Circle”) and if this series isn’t quite as innovative as its predecessor, well, blame Zeus for tuning it dark.

Comments: Marvel calls this world of 24th century Hercules Earth-829; this story takes place 41 years after the previous miniseries. First appearance of the Skrull Skyppi. Herc met Commander Amayd Malin in HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER (1982) #3. Title may be a pun on the song “Love is Blue” (1968).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hercules: Prince of Power #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The year 2385, rebel forces have seized control of mining asteroid Lerarak-27; the Omacron government has sent in a peacekeeping force whose scout is Hercules, Prince of Power. Herc tears his way through the army, followed by the government troops until he smashes into the rebel stronghold, scares the troops into surrendering and captures the leader. Herc’s sidekick, Recorder 417, detects that the rebel leader is a Skrull in disguise to divide the Omacrons so the Skrulls will find them easy to conquer. Herc also learns that his longtime military friend Amayd Malin is critically wounded and is able to be with him as he dies. Hercules, having borrowed his old pal the Recorder from the Rigellians, decides to move on….

In Apollo’s chariot, Herc and Recorder travel to the spaceport of the planet Deniciere where they are checked in by the attractive Tyne Pryntess who startles Herc by being able to handle his ferocious horses. On his way to the hotel, Herc spies the tall redheaded model Shasha and is instantly smitten but she brushes him off like she does every other man….

On Mount Olympus, Zeus is in a particularly bad mood so when everyone looks in on Earth and discovers the humans have gained psychic powers, Ares scolds Zeus for letting them progress this far—Zeus disintegrates the God of War. And threatens everyone else….

On Deniciere, Tyne Pryntess stops by the flirt with Hercules but he spies Shasha and chases after her; she ducks into an alley but when Herc gets there the only person there is a beggar. Herc returns to talk to Tyne but she is offended and stalks out. Later, Herc and Recorder spot the fashion show Shasha is starring in and the Price of Power jumps up on the catwalk to confess his love for her. Recorder then points out that his readings show that Shasha is a Skrull. The crowd wants to kill him but the Skrull (whose name is Skyppi) explains that he was an outcast on his planet as he was not suitable for war. He fled the planet and hid in plain sight as a celebrated (human) model. This does not appease the mob so Herc and Recorder help Skyppi to escape and end up in the women’s dressing room. Skyppi turns into a giant monster to scare off the pursuers and they reach the hangar where Herc uses his charm to persuade Tyne to allow them to escape the planet in Apollo’s chariot….

On Olympus, Pluto shows up to ask Zeus if the time has come; Zeus replies that his rule is about to end but first all of the gods must die….

Bob Layton
Bob Layton
Christie Scheele
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Rick Parker.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Pluto, Recorder 417, Skyppi.

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