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Heroes Reborn #6: Review

Jun 2021
Jason Aaron, Erica D’Urso

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The Last Utopian Meets the Last Son of the Gods

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4 stars

Heroes Reborn #6 Review by (June 9, 2021)

Review: Wonder Woman as a bloodthirsty killer and superhuman drinker? That’s this series’ Power Princess and the issue mostly consists of her complaining and/or trash talking her enemies. Very nice showcase for this character variant but good news! Thor is back and we’ll see what happens in the final issue next week!

Comments: First Story: The Destroyer armor is seen briefly in Zarda’s HQ. In flashbacks she is seen fighting Phoenix, gladiator Hulk, a Celestial, and others. This continuity has had a Civil War and a War of the Realms. Second Story: Zarda with the Necro-Lasso closely resembles Red She-Hulk.

Comments on tie-ins by RobFJ:-

I've added this week's Night-Gwen to last issue's pile because it fits comfortably with Nighthawk.

That leaves just 1 tie-in for this issue, even though it's not particularly connected to Power Princess.

Squadron Savage

Elektra gathers together an assassination squad:- She gets Punisher out of retirement with his wife and kids. She travels to Russia via Cloak to pick up a vibranium-piercing bullet plus Winter Soldier to fire it. Crossbones and Murder Hornet (Rita DeMara?) are brainwashed to ensure loyalty. They head to China and battle through the Redeemers (who Cloak believes killed Dagger) (Foxfire, Haywire, Mink, Moonglow, Remnant and Thermite, all names from the original Squadron Supreme universe) to get to their target. Moonglow turns out to be Dagger, and Cloak had been brainwashed into thinking her dead. Punisher also remembers the truth about his dead family and turns against his team. But Bucky kills the target Kang. Elektra's boss is Secretary Of Defence Kingpin, and she and the survivors from both sides have their minds wiped ready for later missions.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Heroes Reborn #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Zarda the Power Princess battles the All-Gog who boasts of having eaten the gods with her next on the menu; she earlier escaped being eaten but left her Uru gauntlets inside. She now summons them, ripping out the monster’s intestines….

She returns to her base in the Statue of Liberty, adding All-Gog to her sculpture garden full of enemies who have been turned to stone, including Knull, Giantess (Janet van Dyne), and Tigra. She is bored with inactivity, drinking and reminiscing about her onetime lover Prince Namor. A loud noise outside alerts her and she finds Hercules coming out of his petrified condition; she demands to know what is going on; Herc only laughs as he turns to stone once more. Zarda uses her Rainbow Axe (made from a fragment of Bifrost) to trace the thunder to the ruined Asgard where she meets Thor, a drunken bum. He starts to regain his memories as he deflects the Axe but Zarda stabs him with her invisible sword, mocking him as the last of the forgotten gods. But Thor grasps Mjolnir out of the air and is restored to his full powers and memories. He teleports away to take care of business….

Zarda meets with her Squadron Supreme partners, Nighthawk, Hyperion, Blur, Doctor Spectrum, tells them the tale of Thor and asks if they have ever heard of the Avengers….  

“Drunken History”
Writer: Jason Aaron. Pencils: Ed McGuiness. Inks: Mark Morales. Colors: Matthew Wilson. Letters: Cory Petit.
Synopsis: Thor, his history forgotten, sat in a drunken stupor for centuries while Zarda the Power Princess waged her bloody wars from her childhood through World War 2 where she decapitated Hitler. But now, as Zarda is killing Gorr the God Butcher by turning his Necro-Sward into a Necro-Lasso and strangling him (as approved by her avatars, Queen Zarda and Utopian Zarda), Thor has regained his powers and his memory. He is met by Phoenix and recruited for their team….

Erica D’Urso
Erica D’Urso
Jason Keith
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)
Sunny Gho (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.


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Plus: Blur (of SSOA), Doctor Spectrum (of SSOA), Gorr the God Butcher (Gorr), Hyperion (of SSOA), Nighthawk (of SSOA), Phoenix (Maya Lopez), Power Princess (of SSOA), Squadron Supreme.

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