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Heroes Reborn: The Return #4: Review

Dec 1997
Peter David, Salvador Larroca

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3 stars


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Heroes Reborn: The Return #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The heroes stranded in the pocket universe decide to use Doctor Doom’s spaceship enhanced by shrinking technology to cross the Negative Zone and return to their homeworld. Ashema announces that, therefore, the pocket universe will be destroyed and Franklin Richards will join the Celestials who can help him develop his powers. The assembled heroes balk at this, insisting that the new world be preserved and Franklin go home with his parents; Ashema, with her newfound compassion, reluctantly agrees. After tearful goodbyes to those being left behind, the heroes take off in Doom’s ship. Doom double-crosses his allies, seizing Franklin and jetting off into space, plotting to harness the boy’s power for his own ends. Thor sacrifices himself for the group, trapping himself and Doom in a rift between realities where they will battle for all eternity. As they approach the real world, the heroes regain their memories of their original lives and the spaceship shatters, hurling them all into space. The sudden reunion of Hulk and Bruce Banner unleashes the power necessary to force open the final gateway, sending the heroes back to Earth.

Final revelation: Ashema has sacrificed her own consciousness to keep the pocket universe alive, in accord with her promise.

Salvador Larroca
Art Thibert
Salvador Larroca (Cover Penciler)


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(Bruce Banner)


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