Heroes for Hire #1: Review

Aug 1997
John Ostrander, Pascual Ferry

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Heroes and Villains

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4 stars

Heroes for Hire #1 Review by (August 9, 2023)

Review: And so the team makes its comeback though without Luke Cage in the beginning. It’s a pretty cool issue, written by the guy who reformed the Suicide Squad for DC. The art is the typical 90s stuff, though toned down a bit, with only the too-bright colors a problem. The new White Tiger is intriguing, even moreso when you learn she will be revealed to be a literal tiger. Herc is usually cool and the semi-intelligent Hulk makes for a great guest star. Series gets off to a good start and the team roster will be rotating for some time.

Comments: Story takes place shortly after Onslaught, when the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers, among other heroes, are believed to be dead. Bruce Banner is also thought dead and the Savage Hulk is at large in the world. Hercules was stripped of his immortality and exiled to Earth in AVENGERS #384. First appearance of the new White Tiger, who turns out to be a literal tiger, evolved by the High Evolutionary (who else?). Master of the World was introduced in ALPHA FLIGHT #2 and has been primarily an enemy of that team. Of the escaping villains, the only identifiable ones are the Awesome Android, Mole Man, Toad, and Klaw. The movie playing at the Gem Theater is RIO BRAVO (1959). In Hercules’ flashback to the Avengers, he is pictured twice and Vision is omitted.

Cover Complaints: I know covers are not supposed to be literal but there are several objectional bits here. A) Hulk does not join the team and appears in this issue alone. B) Black Knight does not appear until issue #2, joining the team then. C) Luke Cage does not join the team until issue #3. D) Hercules leaves the team in issue #3.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Heroes for Hire #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A disguised team of U-Foes attack the Vault, overpower the Guardsmen, and free the superpowered prisoners. They are being watched by a mystery woman all in white (it’s the new White Tiger). Their success pleases their mysterious and megalomaniacal employer….

At his office in Oracle, Inc., Danny Rand, in his Iron Fist outfit, is fighting training robots when he is distracted by news of the break-out at the Vault on the TV and clouted by a robot. He meets with his CEO, Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch), and they see that the world is growing crazier and something must be done….

Hulk is jumping through the Southwest when he suddenly can’t breathe and crashes to the earth. Vapor of the U-Foes has entered his lungs so the others can fight him. Hulk is knocked out by Ironclad and a control disc is attached to the back of his neck….

Iron Fist visits his old pal Luke Cage at his movie theater and explains how he wants to put Heroes for Hire back together. He asks Luke if he would like to come back but Luke declines, not wanting to be a superhero any more.. Disappointed, Danny heads home, unaware he is being trailed by White Tiger….

A symposium of scientists is meeting at the United Nations Plaza to discuss the Onslaught event. The U-Foes, with Hulk as their henchman, enter and take everyone hostage….

Hercules is hanging out at a bar when a dude, jealous that Herc is “movin’ in” on his buddy’s girl, hits Herc with a chair; Hercules is delighted and throws both men through the window, gives a bag of gold to the manager for repairs, and sits with a group of attractive women, regaling them with tales of the Avengers. Then he sees on the television about the U-Foes and Hulk at the UN and decides he must bring down the Hulk….

In his limousine, Iron Fist receives a call from Jim Hammond alerting him to the events at the UN and he heads over. He discovers in the building schematics a way into the meeting room where the scientists are being held and races through a service tunnel. There he meets White Tiger who introduces herself and asks to join him. Danny is dubious but agrees to the teaming. They reach a vent looking onto the meeting room and find the U-Foes placing control discs on the scientists and Danny notes there is one on the Hulk. Then Hercules comes crashing into the room so IF and WT decide it is time to join in. White Tiger battles Vector and Herc takes on Ironclad while Danny tries to reason with Hulk. Soon he gives up and uses his signature move to destroy the disc on Hulk. Once freed of the villains’ power, Hulk is angry; he thunderclaps to disperse Vapor, then joins Herc in giving Ironclad the old one-two. The villains flee and Danny decides Herc is too disoriented to follow so has the heroes aid the hostages….

Iron Fist is interviewed on the evening news, explaining how Hulk was a captive of the U-Foes and he is reforming Heroes for Hire to offer help in exchange for a donation to charity. Watching, Spider-Man finds this plan dubious. Hercules and White Tiger join the firm, with Danny hoping for more….

The mystery villain, who has the Controller prisoner, reveals himself to be the Master of the World….

Pascual Ferry
Jaime Mendoza
Joe Rosas
Pascual Ferry (Cover Penciler)
Jaime Mendoza (Cover Inker)
Rob McNab (Cover Colorist)
Plot: . Letterer: Jon Babcock.


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(Bruce Banner)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)
Iron Fist
Iron Fist

(Danny Rand)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Controller (Basil Sandhurst), Master of the World, U-Foes, White Tiger (Evolved Tiger).

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