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Hulk: Broken Worlds #1: Review

Mar 2009
Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry

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Punyville / Heart of the Atom / Development Hell / Post Mortem

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3 stars

Hulk: Broken Worlds #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Four stories depicting Hulks from four different worlds/timelines. "Development Hell" has very strange art produced from photographs.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk: Broken Worlds #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Fred Van Lente (W), Clayton Henry (A), Emily Warren (C)
World: House of M
Betty (Ross) Talbot and Glenn Talbot escape from Magneto and reach the shores of Australia asking for the Hulk's help. Hulk brings Betty with him and after a short romantic encounter as Bruce Banner, they're attacked by Talbot and his friends who are mutants in disguise: Mentallo, Wild Child and Arclight. Hulk defeats them, but not before Betty is killed by Arclight. Surprisingly, Hulk reacts with joy because Talbot's lost his woman.

- - -

Heart of the Atom
Roy Thomas (W), Herb Trimpe (P), Karl Kesel (I), Moose Bauman (C)
World: K'ai, Microverse
Jarella and Hulk battle side by side to defeat the Z'gma army, including a huge red skinned monster. But Hulk soon realizes that he's just dreamming because Jarella is dead* Meanwhile, in another timeline/reality, Jarella is alive and cries the passing of the Hulk.

*Killed by the Crypto-Man in Incredible Hulk #205

- - -

Development Hell
Paul Benjamin (W), Diego Latorre (A)
World: Hulk 2099
The 2099 Hulk (John Eisenhart) fights Turnaround Men to save Kaden Porter, a producer Eisenhart had cheated in the past.

- - -

Post Mortem
Peter David (W), Rodney Buchemi (P), Greg Adams (I), June Chang (C)
This story follows from where Future Imperfect ended, and adds more details as well.
Char, a girl who was the last sex slave the Maestro had selected, is back with her old father Boz. When Char is molested by a rude man named Lothar, Boz calls upon the gods to strike him down. Suddenly, Captain America's shield which had been thrown by the Hulk (with Rick Jones ashes on it), comes down and beheads Lothar. Grabbing the shield, the old man regains the people's respect, and Char whispers to her father that she maybe carrying the Maestro's child.

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Clayton Henry
Clayton Henry
Emily Warren


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