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Hulk: Nightmerica #3: Review

Oct 2003
Robin Laws, Brian Ashmore

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[Nightmerica Part 3]

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4 stars

Hulk: Nightmerica #3 Review by (January 24, 2023)

Review: And the miniseries takes a different turn, becoming an urban drama and centering on a drug that induces euphoria and delusion in its users, which is derived from Chrissie’s pal Stu. Hulk puts in a brief appearance to get the heroes out of a jam, allowing them to move on to the next issue. Stu is a very unusual character, nice but gruesome but helpful but dangerous, by turns in the tale. And Duke Dauphin was a nice character, a decent fellow with an inner city ministry but stereotypes won out and he was revealed to be the druglord behind Normal. And apologies for a brief blip in the synopsis as I can’t follow what is going on in pages 12-13 when a thug stalks Bruce and Chrissie and they force another dude to show them into the lab. But we learn that Bruce has a lot of street smarts picked up over the years. Things get clearer soon.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk: Nightmerica #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having arrived in St. Louis’ inner city in search of the next friend on the list, Chrissie Cutler is dismayed when Bruce Banner explains that the only way they can escape serious notice is if they disguise themselves as a prostitute and her client. Bruce also advises Deadbird to stay in the RV and should anyone approach making noises should scare him off. Bruce and Chrissie enter a grocery store where they encounter a woman who seems to recognize them as Georgia’s son Reginald and his girlfriend. They move on and in the store a little boy freaks out, demanding “Normal” from his mother. Chrissie asks after Stuart Wendell a/k/a Manifest Destiny but the storeowner orders them out. In the street, they are confronted by some gang types wanting to know what they want but they run off when Duke Dauphin, former pro football player arrives. Bruce claims to be a reporter so Duke takes them to his outreach ministry, revealing he knows they are Chrissie Cutler and Manny Joslin but soon he becomes suspicious of the pair and they leave. They draw a gun on a dude and he takes them to a secret place where the drug Normal is made and where Stu Wendell is being held captive. Stu turns out to be a mutated blob with a childlike personality and Normal is derived from Stu’s liver. They cut Stu loose from the floor he is merged with and then Duke Dauphin arrives, trying to persuade Stu to remain and defending the drug’s effects, chemically induced delusion making the neighborhood more livable. One of Duke’s thugs hits Bruce over the head, triggering a transformation into Hulk and he smashes everyone. Chrissie is able to talk him down into Bruce and they take Stu and depart….

Later, Stu explains his “origin” to Bruce, being a subject for a new super-soldier serum test which left him looking like melting flesh but with a sunny demeanor; his hero is, of course, Captain America. Stu persuades the unhappy Bruce to place his head against Stu’s side and suddenly Bruce is in an idyllic world, a small town where he and Chrissie are happily married, Duke Dauphin is a successful banker, and Stu has his human appearance back and is in the army. But Deadbird cries a warning to Bruce to remove his head from Stu’s body or he will die….

Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore (Cover Penciler)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Inker)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Randy Gentile.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

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