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Hulk: Nightmerica #6: Review

May 2004
Robin Laws, Brian Ashmore

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[Nightmerica Part 6]

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3.5 stars

Hulk: Nightmerica #6 Review by (February 21, 2023)

Review: It all wraps up in the usual grim fashion with Simansky’s plan to use monsters as super-soldiers falling apart because Stealth was unstable, people die and Hulk, who seems to be bigoted against abnormal looking people (has he looked in the mirror lately?) departs to wake up as Bruce Banner in the desert, wearing only purple pants and offering a poignant postmortem. Chrissie was nice but the revelation that she wasn’t entirely human came a little too late to be fully effective. Everything was sad mainly because it reminded us of many other sad endings for Bruce and not for any intrinsic quality. Everything fell kind of flat at the end of this six-part tale that might have been more effective had it been squeezed into five issues.

Comments: So what does “Nightmerica” mean? Is it designed to sound like “Nightmare-ica”? No idea.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk: Nightmerica #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At the Nightmerica sanctuary, the mutates gather around a table for a meal of TV dinners; only Stu is excited. And then Mohamed Simensky and his troops, along with Stealth, burst in and take them all captive. But Bruce Banner has gone up to ground level and captured Ken Sayles, Simensky’s right hand man and returns with him to the group. Simensky knows Bruce is not going to shoot anyone and punches him. Result: Bruce does not turn into the Hulk, proving that the cure (last issue) works. And it is revealed that Eduardo has been working for Simensky all along, having seen the coming horrors of the world and only Simensky believed in him and he is determined to use his powers to stop evil. The Wright-Armstrong staff go through the drawers containing the bodies of the failed experiments, looking for anything of value. Chrissie approaches Stealth and we learn they are sisters and Simensky does not know about Stealth’s homicidal urges, previously kept in check by therapy. Stealth demands that Chrissie not tell him about her killing the two cops in issue #4….

Bruce and Chrissie ask Simansky what his big plans are. The big shot outlines a program of creating an army of the mutates created by Wright-Armstrong to battle terrorists. Bruce brings up the matter of the cops killed by Stealth and Simasnky is surprised and dismayed, denying it. He offers Bruce the position of heading up this new program, being experienced with monsters. Deadbird catches Stealth listening in on this conversation and she slashes his head off. She bursts into the office and carries off Bruce Banner, slashing the guards who try to stop her plus Ken Sayles and slicing Stu in half lengthwise, which doesn’t kill him. Simansky apologizes to Ken as the scenario he assured him would not happen has just come to pass. Stealth tells Bruce that she is merely doing what she was programmed to do: kill her enemies. Eduardo sends Chrissie to destroy the morphogenic field generator and once again he transforms into the Hulk. But Chrissie yells at them to stop, her anger burning through her disguise and revealing her to have a winged metal body. Hulk fights Stealth and she is revealed to be a tiny alien creature piloting a human-sized robot body. Hulk curses Chrissie as a freak and hits her. Fed up with freaks Hulk departs. Mrs. Gray presses Stu’s two halves together and he repairs himself. Chrissie tells Simansky not to look at her….

Bruce Banner awakens in the desert. Thinking about the clues that Chrissie wasn’t human and how he should have realized it, he leaves his two photos of them together and walks off. Then, changing his mind, he retrieves the phots and walks away….

Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore
Randy Gentile
Brian Ashmore (Cover Penciler)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Inker)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Colorist)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

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