Hulk / Pitt #1: Review

Jan 1997
Peter David, Dale Keown

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Reality Check

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3 stars

Hulk / Pitt #1 Review by (February 22, 2010)
The book tries to show that we all move in karmic circles and if we react negatively to any stranger, it could mean that we are recalling some animus from some previous encounter. In this case, Hulk and Pitt’s clash in different parts of time only to meet at some future point to collide again. I gave this book a 3 and not 4 coz it didn’t do justice to Hulk’s strength.


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Hulk / Pitt #1 Synopsis by Fabian D'Souza
In ancient times Pitt is the leader of a tribe. Hulk appears from nowhere challenging Pitt. They collide causing a nearby volcano to erupt, engulfing everything including a little boy (Timmy).

Presently, near Pittsdale varsity lays an orphanage. Rick Jones who’s on a promotional tour drops by the orphanage. The head, Mrs. Riggs asks Rick if he would have a word with their newcomer- Timmy. She says that Timmy’s grown really fond of Darla Miller- his overseer. She goes on that Timmy keeps saying that a monster called Pitt is after him. Unawares to Rick, Hulk hides out in the trees watching him.

In the other room, Timmy (who gained reality manipulating powers), thinks of his life without parents, how his only relative- his grandpa- who passed away, and his only current family- an alien called Pitt. In Timmy’s dimension, he was so mad at Pitt, that he left him and came to Earth to try to make a family for himself here. However, Pitt too jumped into the votex that Timmy opened to Earth.

Delmarc Plaza, south of Pittsdale, Darla Miller is painting when Pitt appears outta nowhere. He immediately senses Timmy’s presence in this dimension because of their subconscious link, and heads north.

Back at the orphanage, Rick talks to Timmy. Rick asks about this monster that Timmy keeps talking of. Timmy says not to bother coz him mom will be arriving to take him home. Just then Darla (whom Timmy has manipulated with his power) arrives. He has made her believe that she’s his mother.

In Delmarc, Pitt is causing a ruckus on his way to the orphanage by lambasting the cops. The cops find Hulk near the orphanage too and he knocks them about too. Suddenly over the police radio, Hulk hears about the monster at Delmarc on his way to Pittsdale. He runs to the orphanage to warn Rick but seeing Darla (she looks like Hulk’s mom), he’s all the more determined to protect them and heads off to find Pitt. Darla and Timmy then drive off in a car.

In the middle of a forest nearby, Pitt and Hulk meet up. Hulk tells Pitt to stay away from the boy(Timmy) and a terrible battle ensues.

Thinking of Pitt, Timmy accidently loses his control of Darla who waking up loses control of the car. The car- with Timmy and Darla inside- crashes onto a railway line. Rick reaches the car in time to rescue Darla. Pitt who has just arrived after clobbering Hulk else where, removes the entire car from the track but Timmy falls back onto the track only to be saved in the nick of time by Hulk. When Pitt thanks Hulk, Hulk just ploughs into Pitt. Seeing the mess that he made of this reality, Timmy opens the portal once again and takes Pitt with him.

In some other dimension at a museum Timmy’s with his “grandpa”. This time, Timmy’s made some geriatric believe that he’s Timmy’s grandpa. In the background we can see two fossilized skulls engraved in solidified lava- one’s with fangs like that of Pitt. Back on Earth in Timmy’s room, Rick picks up a book- Last Stand on Planet Earth. A colossal battle has taken place devastating the Earths populace and only two Generals survive. They face each other taking off their helmets. It’s General Hlk and General Pyt. They charge at each other… at that moment Rick drops the book and flees.

Dale Keown
Dan Panosian
Steve Buccelatto
Dale Keown (Cover Penciler)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.
Editor: Bobbie Chase.


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