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Hulk Gray #2: Review

Nov 2003
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

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Hulk: Gray 2 of 6 - B is for Boy

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3 stars

Hulk Gray #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
A real downer of a Hulk story, without the dark humor of the Peter David issues. Waaa Waaa, I made the Gamma bomb.


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Hulk Gray #2 Synopsis by Mike Bird
Book 2 of "Hulk: Gray" opens with the Gray Hulk being at the Ross' house on the military base, looking for Betty. The Hulk, uncharacteristically, knocks, as if the humanity is shining through the gray facade, and Betty opens the door, as if the gamma rays on the base have made her either super trusting, or a tart. A delightful discourse between Betty and Hulk ensues. Suddenly, General Ross shows up with some soldiers and the Hulk leaps away. While the Hulk is changing back into Banner, Betty is sleeping with Mr. Thorazine while Thunderbolt is hassling her for some info on why the Hulk would show up at the Ross bungalow. Betty isn't having it and pretends to be sleeping. The next morning Rick follows a trail of destroyed army hardware to find a disheveled Bruce Banner. Bruce leads Rick to a nuclear waste disposal facility deep in a mountain and orders him to keep the Hulk inside the vault until sunup. This chapter ends with Rick terrified on the floor of the facility listening to the Hulk try to bully his way out of the vault.

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Tim Sale
Tim Sale
Tim Sale (Cover Penciler)

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