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Hulk Gray #4: Review

Jan 2004
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

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Hulk: Gray 4 of 6 - D is for Dog

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4 stars

Hulk Gray #4 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Sue me! I liked this issue. I have no problem with (what I refer to as) retroactive continuity. It makes sense of the Army having to call in Stark to use experimental weapons on such a monster, and it makes sense why it would be under wraps. And I don't buy the whole "it didn't happen that way in 'Incredible Hulk Vol. 1'" argument. So what if that issue didn't explore that scenario! Oh well. I mean, you can't go by that stuff! If so, Reed Richards would have been the longest living OSS veteran, not only the FF's leader. I mean, look at the rich history that Geoff Johns is weaving into the Jsa! Oh well, quite a tangent I know. Sorry. Well, I dug the whole Iron Man thing.


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Hulk Gray #4 Synopsis by Mike Bird
This issue is mostly Iron Man and the Hulk fighting in the desert. This clash of titans happens over sea, air, and land. Not much going on here except for Betty having her head split on a rock during the fight (thanks to the Hulk swinging) and Stark's Iron Man suit failing a test. The Hulk stops fighting once he learns of what he did to Betty, then promptly takes her away to "fix" her.

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Tim Sale
Tim Sale
Tim Sale (Cover Penciler)


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