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Hulk Gray #6: Review

Mar 2004
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

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Hulk: Gray 6 of 6 - :::Spoilers::::

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5 stars

Hulk Gray #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
A strong ending to a overall disappointing mini-series, sad to say. The art is good, especially the black and white bit at the end. Oh well, it's worth a read, although I whole heartedly recommend "Ground Zero" over this any day.


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Hulk Gray #6 Synopsis by Mike Bird
This is where it comes to a head. The Hulk and Thunderbolt have it out in the desert. Complete with thunder and lightning, real dramatic like. Betty intervenes and the Hulk vamooses. The next day Banner returns to the base with Rick and gets chewed out by Ross. Meanwhile, it's morning at Doc Sampson's office. Bruce admits that he believes Betty only loved Bruce (even after he had been "outed" as the Hulk) because she was used to loving monsters. Bruce "Hulk's out" in Leonard's office and makes a run for it, only to sit with Betty's picture in hand crying.

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Tim Sale
Tim Sale
Tim Sale (Cover Penciler)

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