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Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #3: Review

Jul 2018
Tom Taylor, R B Silva

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4 stars

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #3 Review by (July 28, 2018)
Jordan White helps Mark Paniccia with the editing again (but not as 1 of the 2 Assistant Editors).

Why are there multiple Mr Sinister's on the cover? And none with missing hands.

They are of course dragging out the secret. Next issue's cover has the other shunning Iron Man. The phrasing here suggests Logan thinks Tony is responsible for the devious bomb in #1.

Griffin is prominent in the assembled villains again. All the others are still in their misleading disguises.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The flashback sequence continues with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Maria Hill, Spider-Man and Tony Stark waiting at a safe distance for radiation to dissipate. Inside the blast zone Wolverine chats with remote-controlled Iron Man. Stark has his own reason for keeping the others out for a while because Logan has just told him (via his link to the IM armour) that he'll do something for Tony in return for his promise to make sure that, when Logan does die, he'll keep his body safe from experimentation.

Now Wolverine promises on his side to keep Stark's 'secret', which Tony doesn't understand. Logan reminds Iron Man how he messed everything up in Civil War (I) (resulting in Captain America 'dying', Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, etc). Now IM, Cap and the Avengers are back together, including links like Wolverine to the X-Men. And Logan is willing to do his bit to stop it all falling apart again. He checks with Stark that the others can't hear what they're saying because he doesn't think Tony wants them to know about what he's going to say next:- He knows what really happened here.

And that's all we're getting on that for this issue.

In the present Wolverine is long-dead, Tony Stark and others hid his body but now it's vanished. (We readers of the Marvel Legacy 1-shot and some other places know Logan's alive again but keeping a low profile.) Jessica, Luke, Spidey and Tony have come to an illicit auction in a submarine where they thought Wolvie's DNA was on offer.

It wasn't but 1 of the sellers told them he could get it. Then Mister Sinister broke in angrily claiming that the seller had stolen some other DNA from him. In the ensuing fight the hull of the sub was breached and the ocean poured in. And the other Wolverine (Laura Kinney) revealed herself to chop 1 of Sinister's hands off.

Cage's invulnerable body is plugging the hole in the wall while Iron Man tells Jessica and Spider-Man to capture Sinister before more damage is done. Spidey webs him up and Jess punches him out. But the villain blasts them away and breaks free. Sinister menaces his traitorous henchman but Kinney is on him again and takes his other hand. So Sinister teleports to safety.

Iron Man exits the sub (making another hole?) and lifts it up to the surface where a hovering helicarrier is waiting to arrest all the villains on board. (SHIELD no longer operates. This carrier belongs to South Korea.)

Angry Jessica, Laura and Luke get to interrogate Sinister's minion Declan Fay. Jess and Luke are understandably upset because their daughter Danielle's DNA was on sale. Laura wants to know where her 'father' (Logan)'s body is. Fay tells them Sinister has a DNA database, but he's not in the inner circle who know whose DNA is in it. Wolverine can tell he's not lying. But he *can* tell them the base is in the Kerguelen Islands.

Tony has a plan to get past Sinister's defences - he equips them all with tailor-made stealth-mode Iron armours. They enter via a lightly-guarded (according to Fay) hangar door. Then they abandon stealth and take down the guards. Following a route supplied by Declan they reach a blast door which Iron Cage smashes through.

Inside they find not just a computer database but physical DNA samples. And then enormous racks of samples suggest that Sinister has the DNA of everyone on Earth.

R B Silva
Adriano di Benedetto
Giuseppe Camuncoli (Cover Penciler)
Roberto Poggi (Cover Inker)
Dean White (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Mark Paniccia. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)

(Peter Parker)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Mister Sinister, Wolverine (Laura Kinney).

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