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Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #4: Review

Aug 2018
Tom Taylor, R B Silva

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4 stars

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #4 Review by (August 24, 2018)
Jordan White is co-editor again.

Another misleading cover? It shows the other Avengers in this issue shunning Iron Man. But that's only what *might* have happened if Wolverine told them Tony Stark's 'secret'. It's a cover from an alternate universe.

Mr Sinister never says who sent the killteam, but the Marvel Wiki calls it a Soteira team. This Soteira organisation is so far unrelated to the Morlock mutant Soteira from Wolverine/Punisher Revelation #2. But they have shown up in various Hunt For Wolverine issues, most notably in the Claws Of A Killer series. And a couple of issues suggest that Logan is now working for them.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
We open as usual in the flashback part of the issue.

Wolverine took a hit for the team by stopping a bomb going off in a big way by making it go off in a small way that only damaged him and part of a building. The explosion included some radioactivity so only Iron Man (actually remote-controlled by Tony Stark from outside the zone) could enter the blast zone to help him recover. And while they were alone Logan told Stark he knew his secret,

Now the radiation has died down and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Spider-Man have come to see him (while he's still knitting back together) because Tony said Wolvie wanted to talk to them. Logan tells them he's asked Stark to take care of his body when he *does* die. But nobody completely trusts Tony after Civil War I so he asks them check that his wishes are being followed. (He doesn't actually tell them that his request is that his body not be used for scientific experimentation.)

And for now we leave the flashback without learning what the 'secret' was.

In the current day Iron Man has led the same 3 Avengers on a search for Wolverine's body, or at least his DNA. The other Wolverine (Laura Kinney) has joined them and Tony Stark has given them all distinctive armour so they could invade Mister Sinister's Kerguelen Islands base where he keeps his large DNA collection. They have found both real DNA, possibly from everyone in the world, and a computer database of it.

LK-Wolverine wants to destroy it but Stark sees it as a scientific resource. Spider-Man finds that the database contains no information on mutants. They are attacked by 2 guards who they easily subdue, but it is still strange that they haven't faced much opposition this issue and last, and no scientific staff. Wolverine senses some people behind a locked door and uses her armour's weaponry to blast through it. Inside they find dead scientists and the corpses of some troops in a different uniform - someone beat them here, and Tony detects that the database has been copied. He also finds that the mutant DNA and database is in this more secure area. The database is heavily encrypted but he proceeds to crack it.

However Mr Sinister (or a version of him with tattered clothing and with both hands intact - Kinney chopped them off last issue) teleports in and attacks them. They don their armoured helmets to protect themselves against his mental powers and gang up on him - Wolverine's claws dealing the final blow. Beaten Sinister says someone sent a killteam to steal his data. Laura wants to know where Logan's body is, but he says he doesn't have it - he has all the all he needs of him here. The others remind Stark of his promise to Logan to protect his remains from abuse. Sinister mentions the value to science. Tony is torn.

Now back to the flashback and the original Wolverine. We see the continuation of last issue's conversation between Logan and Tony, before his chat with the other Avengers at the beginning of this issue. Wolvie says that when he detonated the bomb he saw that it had a Stark Industries logo. He accuses Stark of building a superhero mousetrap, because it was designed such that it could only be defused by someone willing to sacrifice their life. Tony says he designed it but never built it - the design was stolen and he has people looking for it. (So the villains slavishly followed the design, right down to the logo?!)

Logan accepts his word but says that trust in Iron Man within the superhero community is low after Civil War I, and the fact that he even *thought* of such a thing would split the newly-reformed post-Dark Reign Avengers. Logan doesn't want to risk another superhero conflict so he'll keep quiet, but Tony had better think on.

In the present Stark remembers this and chooses to destroy the database. The others gladly help him.

Later the 5 heroes return to Jessica and Luke's house where Iron Fist has been babysitting their infant daughter Danielle Cage. Tony tells Laura he decrypted 2 bits of the mutant database before Sinister attacked. 1 of them happened to be *her* file. He tells her she's not completely a clone of Logan - half her DNA comes from someone named Sarah Kinney. Laura says she was a scientist who was a surrogate mother to her foetus, and raised her like a mother. Tony says she *was* her mother. Laura is stunned, and Jessica gives her the baby to hold to soothe her.

The other piece of info he decrypted was that an unknown member of the X-Men *isn't* a mutant. (S)he's a sleeper agent genetically engineered to pass as 1.

R B Silva
Adriano di Benedetto
Giuseppe Camuncoli (Cover Penciler)
Roberto Poggi (Cover Inker)
Adriano di Benedetto (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Mark Paniccia. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Iron Fist
Iron Fist

(Danny Rand)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)

(Peter Parker)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Danielle Cage, Mister Sinister, Wolverine (Laura Kinney).

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