Hyperion #6: Review

Aug 2016
Chuck Wendig, Nicola Virella

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Hyperion #6 Review by (September 18, 2016)
There are many Hyperions in the Marvel multiverse, all of them based on DC's Superman. They have usually come to 1 of the parallel Earth's as sole survivor from another world, and get adopted by an Earth family. They are usually powered by the Sun. They are usually vulnerable to argonite, a substance from their planet.

This Hyperion 1st appeared in Avengers (2013) #4 during the slow death of the multiverse that eventually led to Secret Wars. His universe was destroyed by an Incursion - a collision with another parallel universe. He was the only survivor (again), but was pulled into the main Marvel Earth(-616) by AIM, and then joined the Avengers, where of course he worked with Iron Man. After Secret Wars he joined the Squadron Supreme, composed of superheroes like him from Earths that were destroyed in Incursions.

These Incursions were gradually destroying the multiverse. When 2 parallel universe collided the Incursion was centred on their Earths. The only sure way for both universes to survive was for 1 of the Earths to be destroyed during the 1st few hours of the Incursion.
Sub-Mariner was part of the Illuminati who decided to protect Earth-616 by so destroying Incursing Earths if necessary. The only 1 they destroyed was the home of the supehero group the Great Society in New Av (2013) #19-20. Namor was the 1 who pushed the button, and he went on to found the Cabal who would destroy many more in the pages of NAv.
But Dr Spectrum of the GS escaped and is now 1 of the Squadron Supreme on Earth-616. The group decided to take revenge on Namor, and killed him in SS#1. Hyperion struck the killing blow. (The Cabal didn't destroy Hyperion's Earth. His universe died because no-one tried to destroy either of the Earths involved. He just tried to keep them apart.)

Thundra popped in and took the Squadron to Weirdworld in SS#3-5, at the end of which she joined the team and came home with them. She had spent a lot of time with Hyperion, and she joined him here last issue which I think is where they became lovers.

Junior was head of a criminal carnival. He had an alien which gave people superpowers and made them subservient to him (I think). He dubbed this group his Family. Doll really was his daughter, but escaped before she was transformed by the alien.

Tony Stark claims to have discovered sterile neutrinos and used them to create dark radiation. Both of these are known but purely speculative things, and are speculated to be related. (Dark radiation is the dark equivalent of the photons of electromagnetism. Different from dark energy.) So far, so clever of him.
He then says he uses the dark radiation to 'countermand' Hyperion's radiation, which then traps him in a forcefield. Ignoring the dodgy use of the word countermand, I'm not sure what that bit of SF hand-waving means. I interpreted it as cutting Marcus off from the solar photons which empower him.
But I would have thought if dark radiation exists there would be a humongous amount of it all around us, in the same way that there's supposed to be much more dark matter than ordinary matter but it has no effect on us. So dark radiation shouldn't be able to cut off normal radiation, because if it could it would be doing it all the time.

This is the end of the Hyperion series.

Hype and Thundra probably go from here to answer a call from the rest of the Squadron in Thunderbolts #4 (see my synopsis in the Captain America Library). And that issue says it's before Squadron Supreme #8 where Hyperion gets (I think) put out-of-sync with time.


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Hyperion #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Iron Man turned up at Hyperion's motel room looking for him, but found instead the teen girl Doll that Hype saved from her carnie Family.

Now Marcus Milton gets back to find Tony Stark waiting to arrest him for killing Sub-Mariner (Squadron Supreme #1). Marc responds by punching the Golden Avenger out of the building. But IM comes right back and takes Hyperion into the skies. Marc wins the fight but Stark uses dark radiation to cut him off from the solar radiation which powers him.

Powerless and trapped in a forcefield, Marc has to talk to Tony. He counters Stark's talk of justice by pointing out that Namor was a mass murderer who needed killing. (During his time with the Cabal in the lead-up to Secret Wars they destroyed many alternate Earths to safeguard this 1, Earth-616. And while in the Illuminati he blew up the Earth of Squadron Supreme member Dr Spectrum. But he was not responsible for the end of Hyperion's own Earth.) Tony decries the cycle of violence such an eye-for-an-eye system leads to.

The argument is interrupted when Doll hits Iron Man with a thrown can. And even more so when Hype's lover Thundra hits him with her mace-on-a-chain. This breaks the dark radiation projector and frees Hyperion.

Tony tells Marcus that if he doesn't come peacefully now, then soon lots more superheroes will be after him. Marc says he'll deal with that if it happens, but right now he needs to protect Doll from an army that is coming for her.

This is news to Doll. But Hyperion and Thundra explain that Doll's father Junior didn't really die in #4 when Hype destroyed the carnival, and he's recruited a load of followers to attack. It is Marc's theory that Junior can recreate himself from a single molecule, and so is unkillable.

Hype and Thundra are going to face the army. He persuades Tony to take Doll and her dog to safety. IM agrees - they'll discuss Namor again later. Then Marcus sends Thundra to guard the perimeter, and kill any of Junior's men who tries to escape.

Hyperion faces Junior and his Mad Max-style army/Family. But instead of fighting them he rises high into the air and then comes down like a missile. The site is devastated, but Hype sees Junior starting to regenerate from a bit of flesh clinging to his glasses. He takes him into space where he can keep being reborn and dying from lack of oxygen.

Marcus returns to Thundra, and they drive off to try and find this Earth's version of his adoptive father.

Tony Stark takes Doll to New York, sets her up in a life and organises her legal emancipation from her father. She decides to name her dog Marc.

Nicola Virella
Mark Laming
Romulo Fajardo
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)


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