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Incredible Hercules #114: Review

Feb 2008
?, Khoi Pham

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The Incredible Herc Part Three: Walls of Troy

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4.5 stars

Incredible Hercules #114 Review by (November 25, 2019)

Review: It should have been titled “Herc Berserk!” Again, a very nice (and even more solidly integrated) blending of Greek myth and modern superheroes with a callback to the forgotten (hopefully) original CHAMPIONS series from the 70s. (Seriously, that was a strange series, teaming Herc and Natasha with Ghost Rider, Angel, and Iceman.) Natasha having to match wits with an insane Hercules and using an explosion as therapy was a brilliant move. Meanwhile, will harm to his pup send Amadeus into full villainy? It’s happened to others with less provocation. The next issue will tell.

Comments: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente are co-writers of this series. Wonder Man mentions Edith Hamilton while Ares is recounting Hercules’ history; Hamilton was the author of the most popular book on Greek mythology, used in schools for many years. Issue ends with a contest to name Amadeus’ pup, which I assume we can take to mean the little fellow recovers from his injuries.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hercules #114 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Out of his mind after being poisoned with Hydra blood, Hercules is fighting his way through an army of SHIELD agents, believing he is trouncing the troops of King Laomedon of Troy who had cheated Herc out of the magic horses he was promised for rescuing the King’s daughter from a monster….

During the chaos, Amadeus Cho sneaks into Hulk’s stone ship where he is knocked out by Black Widow; she contacts Wonder Man who tells her to stall Herc while he finds Ares (who was knocked into the next county by Herc last issue). He catches up to Ares on a highway just as he figures out that Ares deliberately poisoned Herc with Hydra blood so that the Avengers would need to use maximum force against him. Then Simon is distracted by a starstruck fan, giving Ares the chance to knock him over the head and steal the girl’s pink sports car to head back to the refugee camp…

…where Black Widow manages to convince Herc that he’s back with the Champions and fighting Ares (THE CHAMPIONS (1975 series) #1-3) and directs him to a storage area for flammable liquid—and then she blows it up with a rocket. Meanwhile, Amadeus awakens and discovers that he fell on his coyote pup, breaking his pet’s back which may just be the incident that nudges him into becoming a villain. The fire has burned all the venom off Herc’s skin and he tells Natasha that if heroism is outlawed then he’d rather be a renegade. Nat allows Herc to knock her out and escape. He boards the Helicarrier Behemoth just as Amadeus flies it away…and then Ares jumps the sports car through the air, crashing into the ship’s loading bay….

Herc finds that Amadeus, bitter about the serious injuries done to his pup, is creating a device to send an electromagnetic pulse throughout the SHIELD system allowing him to take control of all SHIELD tech and destroy vehicles, open prison cells, and erase servers, even controlling Iron Man’s armor. Herc pleads with him to stop; Amadeus responds, “Too late….”

Khoi Pham
Paul Neary
Stephane Peru
Arthur Adams (Cover Penciler)
Arthur Adams (Cover Inker)
Guru-eFX (Cover Colorist)


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