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Incredible Hulk #59: Review

Nov 2003
Bruce Jones, Leandro Fernandez

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Hide In Plain Sight Part 5 (of 5)

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #59 Synopsis by David Boeren
Dr.Banner, Pamela Greyson and Carl Creel, AKA the Absorbing Man (inside the body of a small girl) arrive at the cemetery underneath which Creels holding cell is located. The Absorbing Man explains his plan. If Banner becomes the Hulk and breaks his physical body out of the energy shield prison, they can all go free. They will burrow into the ground and attack the prison unexpectedly from above. Bruce agrees, but in human form. Banner starts digging and he breaches through to the ground and jumps inside the plasma shield, he statrs beating Creel's unconcious body. When the security guards turn the shield off, Creel wakes up and his mind is pulled back into his body, leaving the little girl's. Creel was only bluffing waiting to be realesed. The Absorbing Man quickly pulls in all the matter he can get until his 30+ ft tall form is capable of wrecking anything in his way. Bruce takes Hulk form now, and starts duking it out with Creel. Below ground, the warden Dr. Zhan is dying. He tries to tell them how to stop Creel, but he is too weak. Creel is growing more powerful by the minute, soaking up the very earth itself until the Hulk is being swept away. Then Pamela realizes what the Doctor was trying to say, and lays the trap. She tells him that only Dr. Zhan knows the way out through the emergency shields that surround the entire location. Creel attempts to inhabit Zhan's mind to learn the secret, but he becomes trapped in his dead mind and cannot escape. Later, a baby is born somewhere in Asia, and he's got Creel's eyes.

Leandro Fernandez
Leandro Fernandez
Leandro Fernandez (Cover Penciler)

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