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Incredible Hulk Annual #24: Review

Sep 1999
John Byrne, Lee Weeks

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Birth Of A Monster

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #24 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Includes a four page story called "Hulk: Threat or Menace?" by Fred Hembeck (w) and Mark Bernardo (a).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk Annual #24 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
This Hulk annual is retells the birth of the incredible Hulk in a very different way. The differences (some minor, some important) include:

(a) Igor (the spy who doesn't stop the countdown) is a Skrull (not a Russian) and his surname is Rasminsky (not Starsky),

(b) Betty Ross is a part of Bruce's staff;

(c) the whole project is about a Gamma laser (not a Gamma bomb);

(d) Thunderbolt Ross is who decides not to stop the countdown;

(e) Rick Jones uses a motorcycle (not a car) to enter the secure test area;

(f) Bruce turns into the Hulk outside (not inside) the room where he and Rick where locked by the military;

(g) Igor, the Skrull, finds out about Bruce's secret and takes him and Rick as prisoners to the Gargoyle;

(i) Igor dies when he arrives to Russia;

(j) Juri Topolov, the Gargoyle, knows how to cure Bruce from becoming the Hulk;

(k) Rick and the Hulk (not Bruce) board the ship to escape Russia.

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Hideth #1 comic

Lee Weeks
Dan Green
Tom Smith
Lee Weeks (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

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Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

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