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Incredible Hulk Annual #17: Review

Aug 1991
Peter David, John Romita

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Vicious Cycle

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #17 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This annual contains 6 stories.


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Incredible Hulk Annual #17 Synopsis by Devon Flory
A kid goes up to his father and asks him to tell him the story of the monster again. The father tells his kid that the Gamma Bomb was going to be tested but a scientist named Bruce Banner went into ground zero to save a teen named Rick Jones. Bruce Banner (who he had seen going into ground zero) was brought in a jeep to the medical center after the bomb went off. When the father and other MPs went by the medical center where Bruce Banner was being held, they saw a huge grey creature make a nig hole in the wall and then crushed the vehicle where that he was in. The father will never forget that as long as he lived.

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John Romita
Fred Fredericks


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(Bruce Banner)

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